Lipstick Kiss

2016 Season Complete! We Love Our Mums & Kisses Customers!

We made a TON of mums for the 2016 season! We want to thank ALL our customers from Texas to North Dakota to Oklahoma to Virginal and Florida for choosing us! It was a wild season but we made it!

We got to hear about your children and how very proud you all are of these kids! We’re honored to have been apart of their high school experience! We love what we do!

We also want to send a huge thank you to Ms. Hart. She came and took care of all of our kids, ran them to school, made lunches and dinners and helped us domestically so that we could live and breath mums for 8 weeks. Thank you to the all the parents and ran over to grab their mums on the fly, we know how much you do for your kids and we understand! We feel truly blessed to be chosen by you.

Thank You!

To the school teachers and sports coaches working over to make sure the teams had what they needed to make an awesome homecoming, we recognize you!!

Homecoming mums are truly a community tradition and takes a village to keep this tradition alive. We’re so glad you allow us to be apart of that!

We’ll see y’all in 2017!! 2016 Season Complete! We Love Our Mums & Kisses Customers!





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