Mums and Kisses COVID19 Policy for the 2021 Homecoming Mum Season

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Mums and Kisses COVID19 Policy for the 2021 Homecoming Mum Season

Where we will address our hours of operation, changes in our cancelation/refund policy and our customer promise..

Hours of Operations Adjustment

Updated Sept 2, 2021: As everyone knows, things change quickly around the subject of COVID19, as of today, Mums and Kisses is still making and shipping for the 2021 Homecoming Season. We are keeping up on the latest news from the UIL regarding any delays of fall sports, which includes football season, and homecoming.

Changes to cancellation / refund policy

We are temporarily adjusting our cancellation / refund policy. Because no one knows when the schools, the state or even the fed will issue new mandates of what is open, what has to close etc, We have enacted the following cancellation / refund policy to be used until COVID19 is no longer an issue.

  • There are so many jurisdictions we must follow:
    • Texas UIL
    • School Districts
    • Local / Regional Government
    • State Government
    • Federal Government
  • We will be following all of the above jurisdictions in both our area and our customer’s areas as well. With this “iffy” atmosphere our normal partial refund policies will be paused. During COVID, we will not refund for school closings, football game cancelations etc. Our partial refund policy will not be honored at this time and we will honor only the following:
    • Our 24 hour cancelation policy will still be honored. (except for cases such as rush or urgent orders where the arrival date / need by date, is 72 hours or less)
    • After 24 hours of ordering, all sales are final and no refunds will be issued for any reason.
  • Orders made in advance of the 2 week recommended time period, will made and shipped or placed for pick up as usual. If the local, state or federal government closes schools, reschedules games or cancels the season, we are not responsible and will not refund. Orders rejected in shipping or not picked up will then again become our property and no refund will be given.
  • If the jurisdictions in our area determines that we must close to the public, we will still ship orders and offer a contactless pick up as well.

Our Promise

We promise our customers that we will make every effort to stay open as long as we are able. If the local state or federal government requires us to close to the public we are still prepared to ship our orders and prepared to offer contactless pick up of local orders. The safety of you and your children our important to us as well as the safety of our staff and family are as well. If we have outstanding orders and closures happen, we will still honor the orders using the methods above, and you have our promise that we will stay in contact with our customers. We haven’t let you down and we won’t start now.

That is our promise.

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