Homecoming Mum & Garter Sizing Charts

Homecoming Mum & Garter Sizing Charts

Having trouble figuring out what size to order? Try our sizing charts to help.

  • Length
  • Flower Size
  • Our Mum Sizes

Length Chart Garters

Length Chart Mums

Flower Sizes

Flower Size – Our Mums and Garters come in a total of 4 flower sizes from pee wee to mega. Below are the recommended Mum or Garter sizes based on average sized age groups. You may choose to stay with the average or go bigger or smaller in most cases, except for Juniors, Seniors & College level. We made a new policy at the end of the 2019 season to upgrade the flower for these age groups to the Texas size (7 1/4″) flower. The only time this policy will change is when ordering a sash mum where you CAN opt to choose a smaller flower depending on the bust size of the female.

Note: Megas come in Single Mega, Triple Mega and Quad (Diamond) Megas

Offered Sizes

Our Mums that are offered in the sizes above are as follows:


We recommend the following in sizes

Elementary Age:

  • Pee Wee or 6.5″ Mum or Garter
  • 12″ in length

Middle School 6-8th grade

  • 6.5″ Mum or Garter
  • 18″ garter
  • 30″ Mum

High School 9th-10th Grade

  • 6.5″ Mum or Garter
  • 18″ garter
  • 30″ Mum

High School 11th-12th Grade or College Level

  • Mega Mum
  • Sash Mum
  • Triple or Quad Mum
  • Single Double or Triple 7.5″ garter
  • 18″ – 24″ garter
  • 30″ -36″Mum

3 thoughts on “Homecoming Mum & Garter Sizing Charts

  1. Patty says:

    Flower size for a peewee garter is 4.5. Just to make sure, that does not include the ribbon that is around the flower, right? The actual width would be over 4.5 inches?

  2. Melissa Privett says:

    I’m so excited to order this year’s mum… I’m an administrator in Florida, but I went to school in Texas. This mum will make a statement at our Homecoming Game! Thank you for shipping it to me!

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