25 Hottest Trends For The Best Homecoming Mums of 2017

Homecoming Trends for 2017

Here it is, 25 Hottest Trends For The Best Homecoming Mums of 2017. What’s New, What’s Old, What’s Hot & What’s Not. Opinions from the kids who wear ’em! Are you ready?

Before we begin, let’s remember how far we’ve come! Homecoming Mums used to be a real flower with some tulle and a pin. Now we have these Texas Sized Homecoming Mums like only Texans can do!

Still don’t know what a homecoming mum even is? Check out our article What Is a Homecoming Mum – 4 Definitions of a Homecoming Mums

Homecoming Mum trends change like everything else. We all like to keep things fresh and new! We compiled the compliments, complaints, the “I’m so tired of seeing…” and the “why don’t you make..” ideas and put together the list below.

 All photos and quotes are used with permission from their originating sources

So here is is…

25 Hottest Trends For The Best Homecoming Mums of 2017

25. Not Hot – Mum Size Restrictions.

“Just because I’m a Junior Doesn’t mean I don’t want a Mega Mum. they shouldn’t be restricted to just the seniors! Maybe next year I’ll want a Single homecoming mum!”    – Jessie Valero, 18,  Red Oak High School

We agree with you Jessie, and thanks for letting us use your quote! There shouldn’t be constrictions on size according to grade. Wear what you wanna wear!

24. 2017 Trend – The Bigger The Better!

The saying that “Everything is Bigger in Texas” is true even with mums!

Mega Mums with Cally

Photo Compliments of Cally Alexander who inspired the Cally Mega Mum by Mums and Kisses.

23. What’s Hot – Bling! Bling and More Bling!

Bling is hot! In 2016 it was too but this year the requests to “bling it out” have soared! Rhinestones, sequinHomecoming Garland and even Swarovski Crystal, are all the rage in 2017! The trend was getting so big in 2016 that we trademarked our bling-bling mum! Does that tell you anything? It’s all about the sparkle and shine! You want to stand out, and Bling is the way to do it!

“I like this mum but can you bling it out more?” – Melanie Plancher, 16, The Colony High School

We understand Melanie, and NO you can never have enough bling in your homecoming mum!

22. What’s Old – OMG Teddy Bears!

“If I see another teddy bear on a homecoming mum I think I’m going to puke!” – Caroline Jasper, Mom of twins, San Antonio TXno teddy bears please

Although teddy bears on mums were quite popular, we are finding that many are asking, “what does the teddy bear have to do with my child’s school?” Unless your school is the bears… we’re not sure. They’re cute, of course. But the trend IS getting a little sour.

21. 2017 Trend – Hard To Find Supplies!

If you made your own homecoming mum last year then you know that it was super hard to find supplies unless you went to a specialty store or actual homecoming mum supplier. The craft stores like Hobby Lobby just aren’t carrying the supplies like they used to.

There is a reason for that! The craft stores are selling less and less supplies for DIY-er’s because they want you to order their customized premade mums.

Hot Tip:  You can actually save money by ordering from a custom mum maker. There are several online (including us) But honestly it takes quite a few custom mum makers to keep up with the 4.2 million Texas students who need mums. That doesn’t include the other states that wear them too (no we’re not the only one! *plays twilight zone music*.

20. What’s Hot – Homecoming New Braids!

There is a lot of new braids out! BUT… the craft stores won’t sell them. Yet another reason to order from a custom mum maker. The standard braids are usually the military braid, loops and a diamondback. You’ve seen them at the craft stores. $10 for a long skinny braid. In 2017 the braids are wider and a LOT more creative.Homecoming Braid Fancy Diamond Backhomecoming braid - fancy military with bling

19. 2017 Trend – Ribbon – Thick, Full and Non Acetate!

Like the above photo, the mums of 2017 25 Hottest Trends For The Best Homecoming Mums of 2017are thicker and fuller and they are made of real satin! In years past the mums were a few ribbon strands and made of that paper floral ribbon. Although weather proof, they weren’t the keep sake they are now. The thicker they are the more customizations you can have too! Caution though – the thicker they are, the HEAVIER they become to wear, Which brings us to numer 18.

18  What’s Old – The Pin

Ever wonder why you’re seeing more and more homecoming mums worn around the neck? It’s the weight! The pin on the back just doesn’t cut it. And forget the old straight pins! NO! Mum makers now opt for pinsthe neck straps even for some double mums. The thick and full trend makes for a heavy mum and the neck strap a must have! They’re more comfortable to wear and easier to hang up as well.

17. What’s Hot – Different Materials!

Mums are more than a flower and some ribbon in 2017. Different materials are now being experimented with. Ribbon like Burlap, Dotted Ribbon and Sequin Strands are starting to make it’s rounds. Necklace Charms, Candy and Sparkle Bows are super Hot! We’ve personally seen burlap gone good and gone bad, so exercise caution with it. Dotted ribbon and sequin though is a hot trend.

17. What’s Old – LED Lights

We’re a little sad to see this one go to be honest. BUT… in all fairness. the LED Lights were a little bit of a waste mainly  because mumshomecoming lights example are worn during the light of day at school and at the football stadium under those Friday night lights. So the only time you really lit up was in the car on the way to the game, and in the parking OF the game. *shrug* And depending on how the mum is made you might have to deal with the huge battery pack banging you in the chest all day. This one is going to die hard for us and other mum creators who still will offer them, but not for much longer.

16.  What’s Hot – Initial Centerpieces!

Teddy bears and trinkets aren’t the only thing that a mum centerpiece can be. And in 2017 it’s hot to wear your initial or your school’s initial as a mum centerpiece! In 2016 we saw more of these than anything else and the hotness continues into 2017!

Custom Homecoming Mum

15. 2017 Trend – Matching Mums!

Best Friend Homecoming MumsWe’ve seen a big surge in making matching mums, and we’re not talking about matching a mum to a garter. We’re talking about Best Friends getting together to all match their mums to each other. This trend began to gain more ground late season 2016 and this year has already been super trendy! We created a “Besties” mum just for this trend. It’s not only a cheaper route to go to either make or order mums that match but it’s also super chic to sport  your clique’s mums.


14. What’s Hot – Those Bells Though!

They jingle, they make noise and they annoy the heck out of the teachers! What more can you ask for?! Make ’em noisy! You don’t have to use a heavy cowbell to do it either, try a bunch of little bells that jingle all over the place when you walk. That’s cool! Apologies to to the teachers in advance, but it’s only once a year!

13.  What’s Old – Fringe! Yuck!


This reminds of us a of a tangled mess. Fringe streamers and tons of curly tangled ribbons. Uh, No! Fringe is old. The use of curly streamers is fun IF done to accent the ribbons and not BE the ribbons. Plus you don’t want to pay $100 for Mylar ribbon that costs .99 cents a spool either.

12. 2017 Trend – Colors!

Usually or should we say “traditionally” The mum colors are school colors. They show school spirit and it’s technically for a school function, but the trend in 2017 is YOUR SIGNATURE COLORS. You know, the ones you love the most. Whether they be pink and white, purple and black, tiger print etc. Using your own colors are hot in 2017. Step out of the norm and choose the colors YOU like. Will you stand out at school YES! Will anyone else have your mum? Not likely. Don’t be afraid to be true to you!

11. What’s Hot – Homecoming Bows!! And More Bows!

No we’re not kidding. Look at something like a braid with out bows and then look at how dressy a braid is WITH bows. They’re so much cuter. Even the boy garters have a few manly bows on them and that’s hot!

Now we are into the top 10 of our 25 Hottest Trends For The Best Homecoming Mums of 2017

10. – 2017 Trend – Garter Sayings!

Homecoming garters with sayingsWhat did you say? Garter Sayings? If you haven’t seen these yet, they are soon to catch on. The guys love their favorite sayings, and putting them on their mums make wearing a garter, “not so bad”. It’s all about the Custom Homecoming Garters! And why not? guys like to be uniquely cool too! Watch for the guys garters to have cool sayings on them this year!

9. What’s Old – Lengthy Mums!

You’ve seen them. Those mums that are just way too long. making the poor short girls trip over them. Most mums are between 30 and 36 inches long. Well let’s think about this. If you’re 5 foot tall. the ribbons alone are 3 foot long, couple that with a foot to a foot and a half mum head and stick it to your chest and try not to trip all day long! Attention short girls, don’t be afraid to tell your mum designer to make it shorter for you. Your mum doesn’t HAVE to be a standard 36 inches (3 feet). You don’t have to trip all day, and we don’t blame you. Just kindly tell your mum designer to make your mum an easy 24-30 inches and on your height it will hit you in the same place the tall girls wear them and no one will be the wiser!

8. What’s Hot – Mascot Heads!

Those are soooo cute! And a nice change from the dang teddy bears! The mascot heads are adorable And they make sense to your mum. The mascot heads come in a ton of different designs and are usually very reasonably priced. Stick one on for size!

tiger homecoming mum







7. 2017 Trend – Pom Pom Chains!

pom chainYou don’t have to be a cheerleader to add a pom pom chain to your homecoming mum. They’re a nice new trendy change that fills out your mum nicely. If done right, they can be accented well and give your mum  dimension. The photo shows the basic pom pom chain. Used in mums they’re highly decorated and hand crafted. You won’t find these in stores unless they’re the paper kind. Super cute, super chic!

6. What’s Old – Hologram Ribbon

Halogram ribbonJust.. No. This is one trend that needs to die quickly. We never understood the use of this ribbon. After spending so much time and thought on the design you want, then throwing down $100+ on it, just to throw a laser looking ribbon in the mix. WHY?! It makes your mum look cheap.


Here we go, The Top 5!

5. What’s Hot – Birthday Homecoming Mix Mums!

Have you seen these? If you’re lucky enough to have a Fall birthday then the Birthday Homecoming Mix Mums are super cool! Parents like these a lot too, it’s probably like killing two birds with one stone. You just mix in a few happy birthday ribbons, a couple of age trinkets “sweet 15” or “sweet 16”, add a couple of party balloon ribbons in your mum colors and boom, you have the birthday homecoming mix mum. We love making these sweet and special mums!

4. 2017 Trend – The Details!

What we mean is that the details, really do matter. It’s what makes your homecoming mum unique. A mum designer that pays attention to the details is a keeper! You can really tell when there is thought put into your design and one that is really just thrown together. The details you can think to add will result in a truly custom homecoming mum and will make your creation stand out from everyone else’s. The details in a mum scream high quality! Use those special touches, they really mean a lot and change a mum from something you wear to a keepsake!

3. What’s Old – Same Ole, Same Ole

You know what we mean, those plain store bought, couple trinkets, school colors. Can you say yawn? Parents, please don’t let your kid sport these. Yes they’re cheaper we know, but there’s a reason for that and these type of mums don’t do your kids any favors with their friends. As parents we want our kids to look cool, not just in their senior year, but all the way through! Homecoming mums are THAT important to your teen, (especially to your teen girl) and that being said, you’re also carrying on the tradition. Don’t slack! Don’t worry about making one yourself. Buy custom!

2. What’s Hot – His and Her Mums & Garters.

These will probably always be hot, but what’s even hotter is to match them. Buying them together makes sure of this. We know sometimes parents buy one and the other parents buy the other but if you can, try buying them together or coordinator to buy at the same place. The mum designer will make sure they are super cute and they go well together in pictures! That’s Hot!

Last but not least, drum roll please..

1. 2017 Trend – Themed Mums!

Homecoming Mums

The Masquerade Mum by Mums and Kisses

Now a days mum creators can design a mum all around an activity or theme that you are in to. Take this photo for example. The girl that this was made for was a drama student that loves mardi grai. So by combining both of these themes the end result was very trendy. It also ended up being featured on the news! These are so custom that you’ll usually have to find a highly skilled custom mum maker to do it, but they are so worth it! Talk about unique. There’s no one in your school that will have the same mum. Just about any theme that you can think of, it usually can be done.

Top: Most Mum Makers won’t offer these on one of their product pages, you’ll want to call them and discuss your idea for a design with them. Most custom mum makers love a challenge and it excites them to be creative and offer more. Don’t be afraid to look up your favorite Mum Maker and give them a call.

And there you have it, the 25 Hottest Trends For The Best Homecoming Mums of 2017! Be sure to check out our 2017 Homecoming Mums below. We hoped you liked this list, it took a while to compose. We hope you have a great homecoming and we’ll be here if you need us! – Mums and Kisses

 Here are just a few of the Homecoming Mums we make. Click photos for order info.

Build Your Own homecoming mum

Silver and white homecoming mum

Custom Homecoming Mumfemale single mum mascot tiger







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