This company blew my mind. The kindness they’ve shown my family is above and beyond what was asked or expected. We couldn’t afford one of the big sparkly mums and I knew it. I had to cancel my order right after I ordered it on my daughter’s senior mum. The rent was due and I just didn’t have it. The owner sent back a full refund, which was awesome, but then 3 days later in the mail came my daughters mum anyway. When I called to explain the mistake, Shannon, the owner said that no mistake was made and hoped my daughter had a great Senior Homecoming. I found out later that every week this mum company gives out a free $250 mum to families in need. I can’t thank you enough. My daughter appreciated it so much and so do I. I will be back next year for my younger daughters mum, and this time I’ll budget better. I want to thank Mums and Kisses and Shannon and Mya for having a heart of gold! – Stella Anderson-Fox (website review)