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Ohhhh Baby! At Mums and Kisses we offer not only Homecoming Mums but Baby Mums too! Baby Mums are becoming more and more popular. They’re worn during the baby shower as well as hung on your door at home or of the hospital room when your bundle of joy is born. Bring it home and hang in your nursery as a beautiful keep sake. You can have one made for the Mother-Be, or for the Grandma-To-Be or have your whole baby shower wear them to brunch! We also make Daddy-to-Be garters! Our beautiful mums become a part of the memories of your child’s birth for years to come.

Whether you wear them or hang them, it’s all up to you! Customize them as you like in any color or size. Design the way you like, with names, baby trinkets and more. Want something truly custom? That is what we specialize in! We ship nationwide, and all orders over $100 ship free!

At Mums and Kisses, we’ve had babies too and know what a special time it is for you. You’ll never get this time back no matter how many children you have, each birth is a blessing. Commemorate each with a Mum made just for you and your baby. Whether it’s your first time or your 10th, there’s a reason to celebrate.

Your Gift

They say that your name is the first gift your parents ever give you. Make sure your child knows that their name was chosen special for them before you even met! Your mum will have your name and you baby’s name on it locking you together in love. Need us to guide you? We’re here to help, feel free to call us to help you through the ordering process online or by phone. Mums and Kisses wishes you love and blessings on your new baby!

Our Baby Girl Mum and our Dallas Cowboy Themed Mum!

Baby Shower Mum for baby girl