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As of October 2022 we have implemented a support ticket system to faster serve you. Please click the area that you need help with.

Please read all before contacting us, we may answer your question here.

Where’s My Mum?

Looking for your order? We know you’re excited to get your mum, please use our online tracking FIRST before contacting us. It will answer your status questions and also give you tracking info when shipped. Our system alerts us when you sign in to track your order. We will not respond to “Where’s my mum” questions if you have not logged in to track. Please WATCH YOUR EMAILS and note the notices on our website as we keep you up to date BEFORE calling or emailing as it takes time away from us making your creations. Thank you for understanding.

Look For These Emails –

You will receive the following emails from us during your ordering process. (Please make sure your emails do not go to spam.)

You will receive an email each step of the way when:

1st email – Your order has been confirmed

2nd – Your order is in processing

3rd  – Your order is in Finishing Touches (sometimes this email is skipped if we are shipping quickly and you will just get a shipped notification instead which is good! Because it means your order is already on it’s way.)

4th – Your order is complete

5th -Your order has shipped and will contain tracking information that will track your package at each stop until it arrives to you. Or if your order is a pickup this email will let you know that your order is now ready to be picked up.


Please note: WE ARE PEOPLE TOO. Politeness will get you farther than demands, quick emails, and shortness. We understand we are providing a service, but we handmake your orders from scratch and a LOT of them and still take time to be courteous and polite, we ask the same of our customers, especially from minors.

Mums and Kisses Store Location

Come visit our shop!

3708 County Road 920

Crowley, Texas 76036


Beginning August 15th – Nov 15th Our Hours for phone, live chat and in store hours are:

Monday – Thursday 10 am – 7 pm

Friday & Saturday 9-4 pm

Sunday Noon – 4pm

More Ways to Contact Us

Support Ticket – The fastest way to get an answer.

Live Chat – Located at the bottom right hand corner of our product pages,  you can chat with our Mum Helpers during normal business hours.

Placing an Order

There are 3 ways to order

  1. Order all online on the product pages of each mum and choose your selections one by one.
  2. Place an order over the phone during normal business hours at 817-518-9000. Please no emailed orders.
  3. Order in store. We accept orders in person at our shop location. (address above)


Quick Links

Here is our Quick Links to get you the information that you might need.

Information on Pick Up and Shipping

Order Tracking see My Account Page

Shipping Policies and Shipping Insurance Information

Changing an order that you’ve already placed – Order Changes

For Refund / Cancelation Information

Our Frequently Asked Questions FAQ




Support Tabs - Choose a tab to ask a question

We’re glad you’re here! If it’s your 1st time, and you need help placing an order please see our quick tutorial for more help.

If you’ve watched the tutorial,but have more questions. Ask them in our support ticket area located below.

Please begin by watching our tutorial, it will answer most questions.

Please look at all of our mums before trying to place a super custom or out of the normal mum by going to our Shop All page. If after looking at all we have to offer and it’s still not quite what you’re wanting, or you can’t customize it the way you’ve envisioned. Please use the support ticket system below.