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updated April 10, 2018

Mums and Kisses Cancellation policy is as follows.

Refund If – You have 24 hours to cancel and receive a refund only IF we have not started making your order already. We will then cancel out your order and give you the amount you paid for the product including any shipping charges you might have paid (free shipping does not apply), MINUS the processing fee charged to us by the credit card processing companies. This policy does NOT apply to Rush or Urgent. We will not refund any order marked Rush or Urgent. Orders. More information below. Refunds do not apply to supplies purchased or orders made in store.

Example – You Paid – Mum price $59.99+  shipping $11.75 +tax $3.75 = You Paid $75.49. Your refund would be $72.85

Partial Refund If – You cancel your order with in 24 hours and we have already begun making your order but have not completed it. You would receive a partial refund on the unfinished items only. MINUS the processing fee charged to us by the credit card processing companies. This policy does NOT apply to Rush or Urgent. We will not refund any order marked Rush or Urgent. Partial Refunds do not apply when ordered in store.

Example – Mum price $59.99+  shipping $11.75 +tax $3.75 = You Paid $75.49 We completed half your order, Your refund would be $37.75.

No Refund If – You made your order more than 24 hours ago. You made your order in store.

No Refund If – You cancel your order within 24 hours of ordering and your order is complete. Whether you have received it yet or not, whether it has been shipped already or out for pickup. When your order is complete, there is no more refund to offer.  We will not refund the shipping, or the product cost as we now have a product that is customized for you that we will lose material cost on to remake for someone else. Please note:  Your order status may still say “in processing” even though your order is complete. There is a 2-4 hour lag time in updating our database after the mum is complete. No refund will be given if your order is indeed complete, No exceptions.

Example – Mum price $59.99+  shipping $7.90 +tax $3.75 = You Paid $71.64 We completed your order, Your refund would be $0

To see where we are in the order process you can track your order by going to the “My Account” tab above or by calling us at 817-518-9000.

Changing your mum –  Should you decide to alter or add to your mum in any way once you’ve received it. Mums and Kisses is no longer responsible. We will not refund at this point for any reason and any Insurance you purchased from us is now void.

Damages – We make thousands of  products per year and each of products go through a quality process, of quality control, we then steam clean each of them, document them, photograph each one via digital camera, then and hang test them. This process is  documented on our time stamped video survalience before packaging.  Should you or your child “poke” or pick at the product or should you add or remove parts from it, or damage it in anyway, Mums and Kisses will not be liable for the product or its contents because it is not in the same condition as when shipped and no refunds will be granted if you as the customer in any way alters or damages the mum after receiving it. (This does not apply to items damaged while or during shipping) All claim of damage must be made the day of receipt or all insurance, both via Mums and Kisses and mail carriers are void. Same day is marked as the date in which the item is shown as received by the carrier website and up until midnight the same day.

A Note From the Owner of Mums and Kisses on Damages: As the daughter of an ISO 9000 Auditor, quality has been deeply ingrained in me since childhood. We put our heart and soul into each and every one of our products. They are handmade with the best possible craftsmanship we can offer. However in the past we’ve had a customer’s child catch the mum’s centerpiece on a door, pick at the mum while in school, let their friends “hold it for a minute” etc and damage has occurred to the mum. The child then has cried to their parent claiming guilt at times and innocent at other times, the parent then called us mad because their child damaged the mum and it’s now our fault. As of Nov 1st 2017, We are will no longer be responsible for the mum after it is received by the customer. In the past we’ve felt bad and would refund the customer, even allowing them to keep the product, UNTIL our goodwill was abused and it was discovered that they were looking for a reason to get the item for free. We apologize that a few bad apples spoiled it for the rest but we have to make this policy. The products are custom and fragile, and can come apart like anything else if abused. We quality control our mums, and steam clean them before we package them to ensure their ability to withhold wear. If the product is damaged by the wearer, we will no longer take responsibility. We hope you understand.

Exchanges – We do not offer exchanges online or instore. Homecoming Mums are considered a seasonal item and we will not exchange your item after it has been purchased.

Unhappy with your item – We hope you are not, however you are unhappy with your item please call us. If we made a mistake on your order we can refund or remake your item.

“I changed my mind” –  If you receive your mum via pickup in store or online and have changed your mind about a detail of it, you are welcome to change the item yourself and DIY it. We will NOT make any changes to a completed mum purchased online. For orders made in store or for pick ups, there will a $100 change fee for ANY item that you wish to change because you’ve changed your mind, decided that something else “might” look better, etc. We make your order per your instructions and will not change it after it is completed with out charging a fee. Please order carefully.

Issuing Refund Time Table – We are at the mercy of our credit card processing companies to issue refunds for us and we anticipate it will take 5-7 business days from the date of the refund. Please understand we have no control over their time table. This includes refunds done in store and paid via card. Refunds for purchases made in store with cash will be instant.


Mums and Kisses.