First Timer?

If this is the first time you’ve ever bought a mum, even if you’ve made one yourself but never ordered one, This is the place for you!

Don't know where to start?

Option 1 -The Traditional Route

Take the traditional route and get a mum or garter according to the grade of the person wearing the mum. 


  • Girls wear mums
  • Boys wear garters.

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Option 2 – Shop by Personality.

If you know the child that you’re buying a mum for, whether it’s your kid or your kid’s date etc, then try shopping by personality.

  • Is she girly?
  • Is she sporty?
  • Is he over the top or simple?

Knowing the wearer will help you choose.

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We’re going to make this super simple for ya!

In each product we’ve chosen a few options that we list as “Most Popular” or “Recommended. These are options that are either sold the most or are recommended by the mum designers. Use this as a guide to help you choose options in your mum or garter.

Option 1 

If you’re choosing to go traditional then here are our recommendations.

Shop by Grade

Mums for the girls
Garters for the boys


Option 2

If you choose option 2, to shop by personality, here are our recommendations

Girly Girls           Simple Girls        Sporty Girls or Boys

 Homecoming Mums With Blingfreshman homecoming mum with roses





Simple Boys  

Homecoming Garter






One Last Note Below

One Last Note To First Timers

We are thrilled that you’ve chosen us. We know the 1st time can be intimidating. But please remember, this is not OUR first time. This is what we do and this is ALL we do. Mums are not our side gig, they’re our MAIN gig. Please trust us to do our job. We know you may be nervous, but there’s a few things to remember.

  • When you’re ordering from us, you’re ordering from some of the best mum designers in the state.
  • We understand that a mum/garter is a gift and it has to be right!
  • Note that when you’re ordering, on the form you will see “NEED BY DATE” This is the date that you tell US when YOU want your order delivered to you by. This is NOT the date we ship. AND we do not ship based on when you place your order, we ship (or are ready for pickup) according to your “NEED BY DATE” 
  • Please don’t get nervous the week of your homecoming and it’s Monday and you don’t have your order in hand. Your order will get to you by the   NEED BY DATE you’ve indicated. Calling to check the status on an order that is not due puts us behind on your order and everyone else’s. Please check the status online in the “track order” tab (top of the page)