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Order Status

Type Order Number / Scan Barcode

Below Is Internal Use Only

  • NOTE customer is not emailed or texted on every step, only on statuses marked (CE) 

  • The customer CAN see this status when they log in to “My Account”.

    • Order Status and Meanings: – (CE = customer emailed) 

Quick Guide

For Mum Makers

ZONE T  = TABLE – Mum is on the work table

ZONE S  = Shipping – Order complete. Is on shipping rack or awaiting packaging

ZONE H = Hold Rack– Order is on hold awaiting a part to complete it.

PICKUP-MK = Ready For Pickup. Is in store on pickup rack

Customer Service

What To Tell The Customer

Pending Payment – (CE) – Rare

We will check with the bank and call the customer back. – Inform Shannon

Processing – (CE) The Default

We organize our orders according to THEIR need by date and they will receive their order / or pick up their order, by that date. They can check their status on our website by logging in to “MY ACCOUNT” in the future. When their order ships they will receive a tracking number as well.

Zone T – Table

(First check with the designers to see how much longer they’ll be working on this order.) Then tell the customer: Your order is being worked on and it will be ready for pickup or shipping….. (whatever the designer tells you)

Zone S – Shipping Rack

(if it is before 3:30pm) Your order is complete and will be shipping today. You will receive a tracking number when UPS picks it up. If they ask you how long shipping will take please ask Alfredo or Shannon.

Zone H – Holding Rack

(1st check with the designer then inform the customer)

Pickup MK –  Pick Up at Mums and Kisses (CE)– Pick Up Rack

They may pick up their order at their convenience remind them of our hours.

Completed – (CE) Unused

Go Get Shannnon

Shipped – (CE) Order has been shipped.

Your order has shipped and you should have received a tracking number, they will see movement by tracking it on ( if they didn’t get a tracking number inform Shannon)

Cancelled – (CE) Order is Cancelled

If they are verifying that an order has been cancelled and the status says “cancelled” tell the customer yes it has been cancelled. If they didn’t want to cancel but status says it is, get Shannon.

Refunded – (CE) Order has been refunded.

This order has been refunded. They maybe able to see the amount on their account page on our website and they will receive 2 emails, one from us and one from the credit card processor telling them they have been refunded and the amount is on there.

Internal Meanings 

Do Not Read This To Customers

Pending Payment – (CE) – Rare

Means: Order has been taken on the website yet payment has not gone through –

Processing – (CE) The Default

Means: All orders taken that have been paid will begin with this status. – Order has not moved and is still on the clip board. Scroll down and note the “Need by Date” and Their Delivery Method (Pickup or Ship)

Zone T – Table

Means: The designer has scanned the order in and it is currently being worked on.

Zone S – Shipping Rack

Means: The order is finished but it is on the shipping rack awaiting packaging and driver pickup.

Zone H – Holding

Means: The order is almost done it just needs…… its hanging on the hold rack with a “holding for” note.

Pick up at Mums and Kisses (CE)– Pick Up Rack

Means: The order is complete and is on the pickup rack in the store behind the counter.

Completed – (CE) Unused

Means: This status we should not be used as it closes the order and we can no longer move it’s status.

Shipped – (CE) The shipping label has been printed.

Means: the order has had a shipping label printed and a tracking number has been sent to the customer.

Cancelled – (CE) Order is Cancelled

Means: Either the customer has called to cancel or We have cancelled their order. If a customer is calling to cancel an order pass to Shannon.

Refunded – (CE) Order has been refunded.

Means refund has already been issued. If they WANT a refund, get Shannon