Things to Know Before You OrderThings to Know Before You Order

There’s a few Things to Know Before You Order, we want you to understand our policies. Note: All the policies below were made, because they’ve actually happened…

1. Once you order you may not add items to your order without paying for them. At times we have been texted or emailed a customer a photo of certain items that are rare or highly custom before purchase, after the order has been made we’ve received message after message to add this or that to their order. In some cases, controlling the creative process and dictating via email or text message. Please understand we are a custom company that handles thousands of orders. Although we are happy to add things to your order after your initial order, we can only do so for an additional charge.

2. Add Ons – If you’d like to add to your order please do so during normal business hours. Midnight is not our normal business hours, however we’re probably awake making mums.

3. Time to Make Your Order – We currently have an on time shipping rate of 100% Please help us keep this rating by providing us adequate time to make your order. We make each order FROM SCRATCH unlike other homecoming mum stores we do NOT use premade mums to make your order thus the quality you receive IS handcrafted! We work with a lot of last minute shoppers and can usually accommodate however for the very best results please give us at least 1 week to make your order.

4. The Firm Pick Up Policy –  If item is not picked up by 4pm Friday of your homecoming, we will resell your item, or dismantle it to use it’s pieces in other orders and you will not receive a refund. If you’ve made special arrangements with us, then we will honor them. To see our Pick Up Information Click Here

Which brings us to pick up arrangements… If you’ve requested an after hours time to pick up we will be arranging to be here for you. If you fail to show, we will note it. We understand that life is busy, however we do have a business to run, children, and lives of our own as well. After your second promise to pick up and no show we will enforce the “The Firm Pick Up Policy” above.

5. After Add Ons – If your order is marked complete, unless we have made a mistake on your order, there will be a $100 charge to make any changes, regardless of how small the change.

By ordering with Mums and Kisses you understand that custom orders are final, there are no returns, or exchanges once your order is complete. For more information on our cancellations & refunds please click here.

6. Parents – Please help us out by being with your kids when they order.  It makes it faster and easier for you and us. You and your child will get what you want and you’ll feel better in the long run. Talk with your child before ordering and write down their requests, even if you don’t understand what they mean, we will. 

7. Take the “mum exchange” into consideration before ordering. – What’s that? The mum exchange is where your child gives his or her date their mum. Most students like to wear the mum to school so the exchange will need to be done before Friday’s homecoming. So that means you’ll need your mum from us sooner than you might have thought. If you’re getting your mum shipped we’ll ship it so that the deliver is usually the Wednesday before homecoming giving you Wednesday evening and all of Thursday to do the exchange. Please remember the mum exchange date when you order.

8. No Photos Please –  We will work with you on your mum order until you’re happy that we understand your vision. But please do not ask us to send you photos or your product in process. We always feel a little like a sonogram before the baby comes, it’s nice but you don’t really see what you’re getting till it’s there. 

9. Our Biggest Question We Get Asked is –

How do your ship these things? – The Simple Answer, we ship them laid out flat!

A: We understand your concern, and trust us, we don’t want to work on your order for 12 hours straight to ruin it in a box.  Please remember, your order, is our baby. We created it and take so much pride in it. We use satin ribbon, we lay them out flat so your order will not crease. We have more information about how we ship on our delivery page. Including photos of what mums that were shipped from across the ocean from DFW to Okinawa, Japan looked like when they arrived!


Homecoming 2017
These North Dakota Students had their mums shipped all the way from fort worth Texas!


We include a card in the packaging telling you the best way to care for your mum after it’s arrival. Customers have reported that the mum makes it to their location not only intact but they are able to easily fluff it out with out problem.

10. Phone Calls – As of October 2022, we are limiting the amount of phone calls we can handle. Our phones are answered by the shop girls or by the mum designers themselves. We need the extra time to make your order and not be on the phone all day. We also have had some abuse the privledge and we are forced to use a ticket support system now. If you do happen to get in on our phone lines REMEMBER…. , you are chatting with a professional employee of Mums and Kisses, abuse, threats, screaming or questions like “How much are your mums”? Are NOT productive as each mum has its price clearly listed on it. Please be mindful of “the obvious” before calling. If you are majorly confused, it’s your 1st time, you’re “not from around here”… please read all our website has to offer, we usually answer your questions in the website. We’ve spent years adding to the site to make sure customers have a full range of knowledge. Most phone calls take us away from designing your future order.

11. High Demand / High Pressure Customers – 99% of the time our customers are really easy to work with, easy to please and they just want to make their kids happy. But then there are the High Pressure Parents. You know the ones, the perfectionists that have to have the mum “just so” that demand the world and dictate the mums every detail. You Know Who You Are. Attention High Pressure Parents, all this really does is intimidate your mum designer and limit their ability to create you something truly awesome. They are so worried about pleasing you, that they truly can’t because they’re are too busy trying to follow the page by page instructions you have left them.  Allow them to create you something awesome. By being a high pressure, high demand customer, you’re more likely to get something you don’t want than something you do. It’s okay to be specific but draw the line at being the mum dictator.

12. We do this for a living. – We hear, ” I usually make my child’s mums” or “Last year when I made little Johnny’s mum..” Yes, we know you can make a mum too. Don’t feel odd or guilty that you’re ordering one instead of making it this year. More moms are ordering them these days than making them. Hence why the craft stores are selling less and less supply options. But this is all we do. Seriously, all we do. It’s homecoming season for us all year long. Take a breath, we got this for ya.

13. You control the price –  This is a big one in our “things to know before you order”. You really can control the price you pay for your mum. How? Choose a designer mum, for example the Tiburon. If the Tiburon costs $84.95. You can get a whole mum, and everything that is in the “what’s included” section. If you want to add to it, then the price does go up. You can control the price of the add ons by how much or little you add. You do not have to add anything at all to still get a beautiful mum. We’re parents too and prices are one of the reasons we started this business. We don’t like sticker shock. So if you’re budget conscious, then know that you really can get a whole mum with the pretty-ness included for the price on the page.

14. Checking on your order – We have a tracking page that is very good. When your item ships it will say “label created” It may stay in this status up to 3 days as we ship and as the carrier transports it to distribution centers. We have no control over your item once your order is marked shipped. We know how important it is to get your order on time for your homecoming date. It’s like having the wedding dress before the wedding. If you must contact us we ask that you have already tracked your order FIRST, yes we can tell if you have or not, our system does let us know. If you track your orders, it frees up our time to create your masterpieces. Please check your orders by logging into your account and clicking on track my order.

15. Custom made products – We ONLY make custom made, you will get no premade, HEB looking mums, we promise but with custom, you must understand that they are handmade, from scratch, they do take time and they will not look EXACTLY like the picture. Why would you want it to? This is for you, and you’re unique! You want a mum for YOU not the photo. We strive for quality above all else. The photos are shown to show you our quality and we strive to go above and beyond the photos.


16. Nit Pickers Beware: In all the years we’ve been making mums, we’ve lost count of how many 10’s of thousands of mums have come across our cutting tables. People never believe how many we really do crank out, custom made from our small facility. Our heart and soul go into our creations every year. We work all year long to get just the right supplies in from all over the world, we braid while we watch tv with our families. We make loops while on vacation with our kids. Our lives are mums. This being said, a nit picking customer can be our worst nightmare after we’ve spent all year, 18 hours per day, and sacrificed so much, even our own children at times to make your order. For that one rare customer to say ” Hmmm. the mum was beautiful BUT.. it would have been nice if you included this or that….” really? If you would like something included, please tell us when ordering, not after the fact. Nit Pickers, beware. We all would love perfection, and we really do our very best, but please know that our job is just as hard as yours and we will still treat you with respect and kindness regardless. We deserve the same. We would rather be nice, then cancel your order and leave you scrambling… Kindness goes along way with us.