Homecoming Mum & Garters Deals

Mums and Kisses Logo V2Homecoming Mum and Garter Deals

We love to give out a few Homecoming Mum and Garter Deals. We know Homecoming mums aren’t cheap and sometimes you just need a break!

Here’s a few things to note about Mums and Kisses.

  • Every Product Has Options That Help You Save Money. Simply Read The Product Descriptions. If There’s a Way To Save, We’ll Tell You!
  • We’re Transparent with Our Pricing.
  • On Each Product Page, We’ll Tell You If There’s a Cheaper Option.
  • We have “Solid Deals” These Are Specials We Keep, That Are Offered Each Year. So You Know You Have Time and Next Year It will Be Here As Well.

Things To Remember:

  1. Promo Codes will show your discount on the checkout page. (promo codes may not work if entered into the cart, please use the checkout page.)
  2. Promo Codes are CASE SENSITIVE! Usually our promo codes (coupons) are lower case. However we write them, use the method you see them written.
  3.  Each Promo Code does have limitations. (one per customer per year etc)

Homecoming Mum and Garter Deals –

August 10% Off Sale! – The month of August we offer 10% off for ordering early!

Promo Code: August10

Free Shipping on all orders over $150.00. That’s usually easy. The only products that won’t qualify will be the single pee wee mums. See Details and Limitations

Promo Code: none needed

Homecoming Mums for a teamTeam Discounts on all orders of 10 or more. Please Allow for 2 week delivery. Receive 10% off any order of 10 mums or more. Same or different mums, both qualify. Save money buy ordering as a group or a team. Those that take advantage of this discount usually save $29.95 on pee wee orders and $85.00 on single mum orders! That’s getting a whole mum free!

Promo Code: team10