Homecoming Mum Prices – Why Do They Cost So Much?

Ever wonder how much a Homecoming Mum is and when you find out you wonder “Why do they cost so much?” We break down the 3 costs of homecoming mum prices. Doing it yourself, hiring a professional mum maker and hiring a florist.

Cost of a Homecoming Mum – Let’s Break It Down homecoming mum prices

To know how much a mum is going to cost, first we need to determine, who’s making it. Are you making it, or is a professional? If you know what you’re doing, you know how much material to buy, how much you’ll need to spend and how much time it will take. If you let a professional make your mum, you’ll see the price of the finished product. So which one is better? Can you do it yourself cheaper?

DIY Mum – The single homecoming mum prices – make it yourself

Let’s start with the head of the mum for a single 6 inch mum

  1. Mum Flower $2.50
  2. Material for Décor and ribbon around the head $14.99
  3. Centerpiece (say a bear and details) $10.00
  4. Misc Items, (staples, glue, pipe cleaners, backers,) assuming you already have a stapler, and a hot glue gun) $4.00

Total Cost of Mum Head  – $31.49

Let’s move on to the base

  1. 16 yards of base ribbon at $2.99 per yard. (Remember those spools at hobby lobby start out at $2.99 and are usually 3 feet, not 3 yards, careful to read the measurements) $47.84
  2. Braids – At least 2 Premade- $20.00
  3. Loops and letters – $4.99 letter stickers and 10.00 (premade loops)
  4. 5 packs of Trinkets and Charms – $12.00
  5. Bells and jingles – $5.99
  6. Specialty Ribbon with school name on it or mascot – $3 per yard x 4 – $12
  7. Ribbon other than base ribbon, a shiny or bling to make it pretty – $5 per yard x 5 yards $25
  8. Adjustable Neckstrap – $6.99
  9. Misc – (Glue, staples, backer) – paid already above with the head.

Total Cost of Base – $139. 82

DIY Mum Total Cost of Supplies – $171.31

Of course the price will increase if the mum is a bigger size than a single or you get a discount on an item or if you use the premade metallic mum base. But for the most part, the average DIY mum shopper pays about $200.00 at the counter of the craft shop.

If you’re making it yourself, you’ll need about 2-3 hours to make it, especially if it’s your first time. Now let’s move on to the cost of a professional making your mum.

Professional Mum Prices

These costs very as well. However we have found that almost ALL professional custom mum makers can make a single homecoming mum for under $125. And most start at about $80 and go up. How? The professionals can get the material for much cheaper, their labor is low and they’ve done so many that they can crank out one in about an hour to an hour and a half.

Buyer beware – if you choose to use a big box store to order your custom mum like hobby lobby or Michaels, they will start out at a premade price. This means base plus customizations plus an upcharge of 25%.

Homecoming Mums Hobby Lobby Prices

  1. Single Premade base (these include flower, and about 8-12 metallic paper /streamers)- $29.95
  2. Charms and décor (You choose from their homecoming aisle the trinkets you want, there’s usually a minimum buy of $75
  3. Upcharge of 25% on all singles (30% on doubles 35% on triples and 40% on quads) – Single up charge 25% of total cost.

Total cost of Hobby lobby single mum $104.95 + 25% upcharge makes it $131.18

Florist Mum Prices

Florists charge more. It’s a given. Most floral shops will charge about $125 to start and go up from there. They use artificial now as well and their customizations will be limited. Not ALL floral shops charge this much of course, but can. Check around and price shop if you choose to use an actual florist verses a professional mum maker, there is a difference.

Why Do Mum Prices Vary?

2 things, Material used and size. The bigger the more expense, and time it takes to create whether you’re doing it yourself or having a professional do it or opting for a florist. Remember, in mum making supplies, The more the merrier, the more the cost. But isn’t that with anything?

Is there cheaper alternatives?

Since mum season only comes once per year, knowing what homecoming mum prices are and budgeting for mums will help. Like anything else with the kids, knowing what you need, budgeting a price and considering that Senior year of high school is USUALLY the last mum they’ll ever have comes in to play (not many college students do mums)

For DIY-ers, get those coupons if you’re using a big box craft store. Both hobby lobby and Michaels offer 1 item at 40% off coupons that will help a little. This is not 40% off everything though so don’t let that fool you. It’s 40% off of one item in your cart.

Find a homecoming supply store. There are more and more of them opening up every year. Usually owned by a professional mum maker, and they will not only have more selection for the DIY-er but also their prices are lower over all than the big box stores. They also will carry items you won’t find in craft stores like custom braids and big boas. And if you visit the store in person you can feel and touch things, and there’s no shipping fee. If you order online, make sure the shipping is reasonable or free. You don’t want to pay $10 shipping for a $0.50 cent trinket!

For those seeking Professional Mum Makers to make your mums, some have repeat discounts. You also can tell your professional that you’re on a budget and let them work around it. Many of them are very good at staying within your budget. But be real about the costs and don’t expect a $100 mum for $50. After all it’s their expertise, supplies, time and labor for your convivence of just having to pick it up. Also ordering in advance saves you money. If you are using a professional mum maker, you can save money if you order at least 2 weeks In advance, it saves you a potential rush fee, and if shipping, the faster you need it the more it will cost to ship to you.

Homecoming Mum Prices – In Conclusion

Now that that we’ve answered your question on Homecoming Mum Prices – Why Do They Cost So Much? We hope this helps you make the right decision for you and your family. Mum season is an exciting time! And since you only need one per student per year, making the right choice is important. We thank you for reading.

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