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Company introduction:

Mums and Kisses is both an online and in store retailer of Custom Homecoming Mums and Supplies. Specializing in custom supplies, braids, and satin ribbon to make some of the most luxurious mums in the country.


Mums and Kisses owner made the first mums in 2005, the Mums and Kisses brand was then established in 2015.


The Owner & Founder of Mums and Kisses is Shannon Hart Gonzalez. Shannon credits the brand as a result of what she calls sticker shock and family grief. Read more about Shannon and her journey from starting the company on her kitchen counter to the store and brand it is today on the About Us Page.

Company Address:

3708 County Road 920 Crowley, TX 76036

Phone: 817-518-9000


Mums and Kisses operates under the umbrella of the Hart of Gonzalez Group L.L.C. Mums and Kisses operates a physical retail store location, a workshop location assembly house, and 2 e-commerce stores.

In The News:

The company has been featured by:

The Dallas Voyager Magazine,

The Hays Freepress

NBC News 5 Online

And The 100 Top Crafters List of 2017.

Company Info

Mums and Kisses Employees part time employees, consultants, assistants and even a streaming service. Mums are Made in The U.S.A. at the store’s main workshop. The company expanded in 2017 and is looking to expand again in custom crafting and supplies in the winter of 2019.

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