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Homecoming Mum Prices – Why Do They Cost So Much?

What is the average cost for a homecoming mum? And, How much do mums usually [...]

Keeping Children Safe

Homecoming Mum Company Keeping Children Safe. Mums and Kisses has always huge steps to keep [...]

Homecoming Mums for Special Needs

Homecoming Mums for Special Needs - we've been making FREE mums for special needs classes [...]


Pinterest Mums – How To Get One

We’ve all seen those gorgeous homecoming mums on Pinterest. They almost look perfect. We pin [...]

First Time Buying A Homecoming Mum

First Time Buying A Homecoming Mum? We can help you find a mum for homecoming [...]

We Doubled Our Homecoming Mum Store!

In 2022 the Mums and Kisses retail store more than DOUBLED in size! We added [...]

Homecoming Mums for Charities

Homecoming mums for charities is our favorite thing about making mums. Mums and Kisses has [...]

Are People Still Buying Homecoming Mums?

To buy a homecoming mum or not, that is the question. In 2020 during a [...]