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Mums and Kisses makes homecoming mums and garters for the entire nation but we are truly honored to make the Joshua High School homecoming mums and garters for our Home School, the Joshua Owls! This year we are fundraising for two groups. The Joshua High School Student Council, and the Aaron Singleton Scholarship Fund. We’ll be offering to add an Aaron Singleton #33 Memorial Ribbon to your mum or garter as well. Other local surrounding schools are welcome to request the Memorial Ribbon to their mum as well and we will make them in their school colors respectively.   Mums and Kisses will be giving a percentage of the proceeds of our Joshua Homecoming Mums to both groups. The more orders placed the higher the percentage each group receives! We hope to help both the High School and our community this year. We also will be allowing you to donate funds as well when you place your order so that you can help twice as much!

Who Are We?

For those of you not familiar with Mums and Kisses, we make our mums out of 95% Double Faced Satin Ribbon. We barely use acetate, (the paper floral type ribbon) Our mums are available in different sizes and can be ordered for kindergarten – 12th grade. We also offer mums for parents as well. Our mums are keepsakes that you can wear on homecoming and keep after for years to come. We’ve made mums for celebrity actress Audrey P. Scott and the Dallas Cowboys too, we hope to make one for you as well. We’re a home grown business, with children in the Joshua ISD. We make and sell hundreds of mums all year round for every occasion. We specialize in Homecoming and Baby mums that we’ve shipped nationwide. To learn more, see our About Us page.

For your convenience, we will be setting up pick up dates at the Joshua High School and at our Crowley Location, so you can avoid the craft shop this year. We take orders both over the phone and online, and we are the only mum shop in Texas to offer live chat. Feel free to contact by phone 817-518-9000 or live chat if you need help as you order.

Ordering is super easy.

  1. Choose the mum or garter you like below. You may either choose from one of our designer mums or build your own using our “Build Your Own Mum” pages, were you design and we do the building.
  2. Finish your selections, tell us where you’d like to pick it up, our location or at school, and click “make it for me”.
  3. The total will be on the checkout page. Enter your payment details on our secure page. We accept debit cards, all major credit cards including American Express and Discover, we also accept PayPal.
  4. That’s it. We’ll email you when your order is complete.

Mums and Kisses offers 100% price transparency. This means that the orders for the Joshua High School homecoming mums, both the School Administrator for the Student Council as well as the representative of the Aaron Singleton Scholarship Fund will have access to all their pertaining sales records in REAL TIME. So that they know every dollar they’ll be receiving from your generous donations and proceeds from the orders you place with us.

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