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What Happens Next?

There’s 2 ways to keep up with your order, Sign in to your account, or check your email. To sign in to your account use the email address you gave us as the user name. the password will be a randomly generated password that is emailed to you, please change this password by going to the “I forgot my password and resetting”.

  1. You’ll receive an email that says your order is now in processing once we have received it in house.
  2. Your order will be made and the status will stay “in processing” until it is sent to our “finishing department”
  3. You’ll receive an email that will tell you that you’re order status has changed to finishing, this is where we steam clean your order, quality control it and package it.
  4. You’ll receive and email when your order is complete.
  5. Your order will be boxed and labeled at which time you will receive tracking information. You’ll be able to see via your account your orders every move on the map once it’s left our facility. Our tracking map shows you where your item is at every step of the way.

We will get busy on your order soon! Happy Homecoming and thank you for choosing Mums and Kisses!

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