Mums and Kisses literally makes thousands of mums per year. All Double and Single Faced Satin, All Custom, Always! We’re the only Homecoming mum maker in the nation that makes one of a kind mums in mass quantity! Here is just a very small sample of our work. (All images are the rights of Mums and Kisses)

“Mums and Kisses is one of the greatest Mum Makers in the state. The detail of the mum is phenomenal!”

– Kelly Valdez, Southlake, TX

Thank you Kelly! We appreciate you!

Mum by Mums and Kisses Mum by Mums and Kisses

The Above Mums made by Mums and Kisses, The Garter is not our creation and credit for it goes to its own maker.

Here is just a few of our many creations:

Triple Homecoming Mum  Heart Homecoming Mum

Mega Homecoming Mum By Mums and Kisses

Mega Triple Heart by Mums and Kisses

Mums and Garters for HomecomingHomecoming Mums - Custom Homecoming Mums and Garters

Triple mega homecoming mum

Blue white mega homecoming mum

Homecoming Mum homecoming mum by mums and kisses homecoming mum masquerade lavender close up

Senior Homecoming Garter Single The surprise me mum by mums and kisses Triple Homecoming Mum with lights by mums and kisses Christiana triple homecoming mum senior version The Masquerade Homecoming Mum Double