Homecoming Mum Supplies
Homecoming mum supplies, would you sell yours?” Is one of the biggest questions we are asked every year.

YES WE DO! We sell our homecoming mum supplies  both online and in store at our retail location.

Homecoming Mum Supplies

Homecoming Mum Supplies

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Mums and Kisses proud to announce that we are now the largest supplier to

Mum Factory Outlet

.An e-commerce site specializing in unique supplies for homecoming mums and garters. 

Mums and Kisses is proud to announce that we are now a supplier for Mum Factory Outlet. An e-commerce site specializing in unique, finished supplies for homecoming mums and garters. The hard to find homecoming mum supplies that the pros use.

Visit mumfactoryoutlet.com to purchase Mums and Kisses Homecoming Mum supplies!





We’ve all been to the Homecoming Supply stores and have seen the same in every store. Mum and Kisses introduces some new ideas to help décor your homecoming mums.

How about a pearl braid?
Perhaps a glitter mum?
Looking for a mum sash backer?
Those fluffy boas, or the wide braids that are handmade.

Moreover, we sell all of the above and are adding to our new homecoming mum supplies yearly. Hard to find items that is sure to make your mum a stunner, whether you’re making it yourself or ordering them from us!

However, for DIY Homecoming Mums we have just the thing to make your mum POP! Tired of the same ole trinkets and homecoming braids at the big box stores? We are too! It’s time for the New Age of Homecoming Mums! Mums and Kisses has always been your classy alternative and we’re proud to release some of our unique supplies.
Homecoming Mum Supplies That Make the Difference
They say it’s all in the details! And that is defiantly one of the things that makes our mums pop, and now the DIY-ers have access to our supplies to make their mums pop too!

The little additions add up to a big difference. So does the quality of the supply. If you shop the same store you get the same result after all. So isn’t it time to try something cool, new and different? Something out of the box and ready to attach to your mum creation that doesn’t have to be complicated.
Make it Personal
Making you mum personal to the wearer makes it worth so much more in the heart of the receiver. So if you’re making this mum to give to someone, the more you can add that surprises them, that’s about them and items they love, the more they will love the overall result AND the person that gave it to them.

By adding things like, quotes, bible verses, nicknames to a ribbon make it extra special. Details like sports but also out of school activities likes piano lessons, or church youth group can also be added. Anything important to the receiver of the mum is the best supplies to add.
Pioneering the way
We’re the first to bring you the glitter mum, the pearly braid and there will be more! Others will duplicate, we’re sure of it. But you are here with the original!

Customers that want to make a homecoming mum, for instance, love that they can use our supplies in their creations. Making your own mum is rewarding because it comes from the heart. On the other hand, some prefer to have them made and we can do that too! Above all else, what’s important is that your student sport a design that represents them!

“If you do what you always did, you’ll get what you always got.”

So, change it up! Make a statement! Be crafty and try our supplies. We will say, using our complete transparency,  it is a more expensive way to go, so those on a budget please keep that in mind. But in any case, we’re glad to have you shop our supplies.

In addition, we want to thank you for choosing Mums and Kisses in advance, whether you buy from us or not, we really do appreciate you looking!

Happy Homecoming!

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