Homecoming Mums

Homecoming Mums are a right of passage to say the least. A chance for your student to show they’re unique style. Or to gift a girlfriend, boyfriend or bestie something that represents how you truly see them. Over the years they’ve gotten bigger and bigger but 2 things remain the same. The demand for quality, and the tradition they represent. Homecoming mums are school spirit, community building and a show of support for your special team.

Homecoming Mums Are Keepsakes!

A keepsake that will remind you years later of how cool it was to be where you are, right now. Time you can’t get back, but memories last forever! Some take the tradition a step farther and use part of their mum in their child’s mum. Whether it’s a their birth mum or their school’s, the tradition carries on! What a cool continuation!

Finally, at Mums and Kisses, we understand and we’re honored to be apart of your memories.

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