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Homecoming Garters – We have 2 ways to order,

  1. Make Your Own Homecoming Garters using our Build Your Own Mum Page.
  2. Choose one of our designer Homecoming Garters.

We know that sometimes the boys get neglected in the Homecoming process. We want to make sure they get to celebrate as much as the girls! Homecoming Garters are just as creative as the mum. We hope to bring your imagination to life in designing a custom Homecoming Garter for you!

The garters below come in more than the photo shown, most any can be turned in to a Triple Homecoming Garter, or a Double Homecoming Garter. See they’re individual pages for details. When you design your own, we just might name it after you and offer it on our website for the world! How cool is that?

Assorted Colors
Assorted Colors
Our Most Customizable Garter - Starting at - $99.95
Assorted Colors
Starting at $29.95
Assorted Colors
Our Best Value Starting at - $79.79
Assorted Colors
Assorted Colors
Starting at - $89.95
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