Homecoming Mums 2018

New for Homecoming Mums 2018! We love to release new products and show you cool new designs! Homecoming Mums are constantly becoming more and more upgraded and more elaborate every year. Our suppliers are the very best at showcasing new things for mum makers to include in their homecoming mums and garters.

So What’s New for Homecoming Mums 2018?

Lots! This year we are introducing over 10 new mums! New designs, and more “Build Your Own Mum” Products and features. We’ve even made new mums for parents!

Inspired By You!

Are hot new designs, are all inspired by you, our customers! One of the awesome things about Mums and Kisses, is that we work with our customers to create their perfect mum. But ever so often we get that special customer that requests something super special! We then create their dream mum, name it after them and release it for every one! How would you like to have a product named after you!!

Presenting The Awesome Newness for Homecoming Mums 2018!

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