Homecoming Corsage

Homecoming Corsage, Texas style. A.K.A. the homecoming mum, football mum, or those giant flowers you wear. What used to be a wrist or chest corsage has now grown in to the massive displays of uniqueness.  Regardless of what you call it, the Homecoming Corsage still has a tradition to uphold. Still given to dates at homecoming, still a display of affection between girlfriends and boyfriends or parent to child. It’s still full of awesome school spirit and the Mum is still all we do, so that we can concentrate on you! The customization possibilities are endless! Whether you’re in to band, music, drama, football soccer or anything else under the sun, we can make what you see in your head come to life!

We hope you like what you see, if you have something else in mind for your Homecoming Corsage let us know! We’ll make it for you and even name It after you so that the rest of the world can have your creation too! Here are a few we offer below. Feel free to look around the site and see more!

Homecoming Mums – Just a Few of our many.


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