Senior Homecoming Mums

Senior Homecoming Mums – It’s Senior year, finally and time to choose your Homecoming Mum. What an exciting time! Mums and Kisses has a wide variety of mums to choose from. Order what you like! Remember, to us, there’s no set tradition to this.Gold and White Homecoming Mum or Silver and White Homecoming Mum, and you’ll probably want a quad, A.K.A. the Mega Homecoming Mum. The color and size is totally up to you and your budget.

Customers also like our “Build Your Own Mum” option for Seniors to get exactly what they want. We have a LOT more mums to choose from then this. Try our Shop All Page to see everything we offer at Mums and Kisses! Happy Homecoming!

Mum and Kisses specialize in Senior Homecoming Mums. Most homecoming seasons, 78% of all of our orders are for seniors. Why? Because we’re good! We’re the choice you make when you’ve already made one yourself, had the craft store make one and now you’re ready for the big leagues! We have more mums than are shown below, ALOT MORE! Click around the site and choose your favorite. Oh, and there’s NO Deadlines, NO Deposits, and we ship for free too. So…. you ready for this? Let’s do it!

Senior Homecoming Mums (some of them)

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