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[nx_note note_color=”#e0e0e0″ text_color=”#04040404″ radius=”14″]Best selling homecoming mumsBaby Shower Mum – Dallas Cowboy Theme, an honor for Mums and Kisses to make for one of our Dallas Cowboy’s new addition! A must have for the die hard Cowboys fan! Can be used for either boy or girl. The Baby Shower Mums can be worn at a baby shower, hung on hospital doors or in your home nursery. Please call us if you are interested in ordering a Mega Baby Shower Mum.[/nx_note]

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[nx_adscolumn size=”1-3″][nx_spoiler title=”Personalized Options” open=”no” style=”fancy”]The Baby Shower Mum – Dallas Cowboy can be personalized. Below in the order area you will be able to select ribbon length, size, ribbon names and your choice of pin or adjustable lanyard for wearing or hanging.[/nx_spoiler][/nx_adscolumn]

[nx_adscolumn size=”1-3″][nx_spoiler title=”What is Included?” open=”no” style=”fancy”]◾1- 6″ White Mum

◾Full Pointed Triple Ribbon Outer Mum Décor.

◾Choice of Names on Ribbons

◾Upgraded Ribbon from our Luxury Line

◾2 Bling-Bling Rhinestone Garland Strands

◾1 Ribbon Loop Cord included with Baby’s Name put in block letters.

◾1 Ribbon Braid with bow.

◾4 Garland Strands for the shine factor!

◾There is over 82 feet of Ribbon in the Baby Shower Mum

◾3 Backers

◾1 Pearl Braid with braid

◾36 inches of curly stems

◾16 yards of ribbon streamers

◾12 feet of decorative ribbon

◾6 feet of Garland

◾6 – 1 inch or larger bells and 6 bows.

◾96 inches of metallic ribbon

◾Pin on back for wearing..[/nx_spoiler][/nx_adscolumn][nx_adscolumn size=”1-3″][nx_spoiler title=”FAQ – Baby Mum” open=”no” style=”fancy”]Q: Does the Baby Shower Mum come in other colors?

A: YES! We do offer baby mums in other colors on our “Baby Mum” Page, however this particular mum comes in blue, white & silver.

Q: I don’t really want a single, can you make this as a double, Triple or Mega Mum for me?

A: YES! All our Mums can now be ordered as Singles, doubles, Triples. Double and Triple will have additional fees.

Q: Why does the price change after I get to the checkout page?

A: If you added anything above and beyond what the Baby Shower Mum has included then you will see the additions added to your price in the cart. If you do not want to pay more than the original price, please remove the additions.

Q: Do I have to add extras?

A: No. All our Mums come complete. The extras are your personal preferences. We made the extra area because so many of our customers repeatedly asked for more options added.

Q: How Big is it?

A: The Single Baby Shower Mum is aprox 8-9 inches across, (half chest) It is not a huge mum, but it’s not small either. It depends on the size of the wearer.

Q: If I order the Baby Shower Mum, how long does it take?

A: This product takes approx. 7 days. 3 days to make and we allow 3 to ship using standard shipping and taking Sunday into account. Faster with local pickup or rush shipping.

Q: I have more questions but I don’t see them answered here.

A: Please read our FAQ Page if you have more questions about our mums. You may also call us to ask and we do accept phone orders as well.[/nx_spoiler][/nx_adscolumn][nx_adscolumn size=”1-3″][nx_spoiler title=”Size & Length” open=”no” style=”fancy”]Baby Shower Mum – Dallas Cowboy Theme comes in three sizes.

Short – 24 inches (included)

Standard  – 30 inches (included) – Most Popular

Long – 36 inches (additional fee)
Note: The head of the mum measures approx. 9 inches long. The diagram photo shows approx lengths on an average 5’4 female. If you require another length please call us.[/nx_spoiler][/nx_adscolumn][nx_adscolumn size=”1-3″]

Notes can be added to the customer notes section however will not allow any additional product add-ons in customer notes.

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    Mum Centerpiece

    The baby doll centerpiece comes in 4 different skin tones.

    Note from the Owner of Mums and Kisses: As a mother of mixed / biracial children, the baby dolls used don't always best represent all skin tones. When making this mum for my own children I chose the "Latin/Tan" option to represent my children's skin tones. The manufacture only offers 4 different dolls. Photo above shows the African/Dark skin tone. The options below are for skin tone purposes only. Customers may opt out of the doll and choose a stuffed animal. This animal would be a soft plush material and be a giraffe, elephant etc. (based on our stock). -Shannon Gonzalez, Owner, Proud Mama!

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