The Bling Bling Double Homecoming Mum – Gold Edition

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Pricing: Price is for a COMPLETE mum, NOT a base. Please see the “What’s included tab” for info.

The Bling-Bling Double Homecoming Mum – Gold Edition is the Mums and Kisses Signature Mum. It’s the designer homecoming mum that all the girls are choosing! The Bling-Bling can be highly customized to your liking. We do offer this particular Homecoming Mum in other sizes such as single, triple or Mega Bling-Bling versions as well. Please see our Bling-Bling Page for more options. If you require colors other than Gold and White you can design your own Bling Bling mum on our Build Your Own Bling-Bling” Page.

First Time Mum Shoppers – We make it easy! If you’re unsure on which options to choose, look for the options marked “Most Popular”, they are the standard options to guide you through the order process.

Make Your Mum Make  A Difference – Your purchase today will also benefit the charities we support this season.

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[nx_adscolumn size=”1-3″][nx_spoiler title=”Personalize Options” open=”no” style=”fancy”]The Bling-Bling can be highly customized. Below in the order form you will be able to select your name ribbons, activity trinkets and garland, bells and more which are all included in the price. You’ll also be able to add on additional items like glitter, extra jingle (bells), Necklace instead of pin for wearing, etc at a low cost.[/nx_spoiler][/nx_adscolumn]

[nx_adscolumn size=”1-3″][nx_spoiler title=”What is Included?” open=”no” style=”fancy”]Double 6″ White & Gold Glitter Mums◾Full Pointed Triple Ribbon Outer Mum Décor. ◾Choice of 2 Names on 2 Ribbons

◾Upgraded Ribbon from our Luxury Line ◾2 Bling-Bling Rhinestone Garland Strands◾Choice of Activity Décor

◾1 Ribbon Loop Cord included with “HOMECOMING” put in block letters.◾1 Ribbon Braids in White and Gold

◾4 Garland Strands for the shine factor! ◾There is over 82 feet of Ribbon in the Bling Bling Homecoming Mum

◾3 Backers ◾Centerpiece Glitter Initial

◾16 yards of ribbon streamers ◾12 feet of decorative ribbon ◾6 feet of Garland in your activity

◾3 – 1 inch or larger bells ◾96 inches of metallic ribbon ◾Pin on back for wearing.[/nx_spoiler][/nx_adscolumn][nx_adscolumn size=”1-3″][nx_spoiler title=”FAQ of The Bling-Bling” open=”no” style=”fancy”]Q: Does the Bling-Bling come in other colors?

A: YES! The you can order the Bling-Bling in other colors including custom colors. You will have your choice of white or black base color and silver that is included and you may add up to 2 more additional colors for a small fee.

Q: I don’t really want a double, can you make this Bling-Bling as a Triple or Mega Mum for me?

A: YES! All our Bling-Bling Mums can now be ordered as Singles, doubles, Triples, Megas. Please see our Custom Bling Bling Page.

Q: Why does the price change after I get to the checkout page?

A: If you added anything above and beyond what the Bling-Bling has included then you will see the additions added to your price in the cart. If you do not want to pay more than the original price, please remove the additions.

Q: Do I have to add extras?

A: No. All our Bling-Bling Mums come complete. The extras are your personal preferences. We made the extra area because so many of our customers repeatedly asked for more options added. All Bling-Blings have bells and trinkets, and are semi-full to begin with.

Q: How Big is it?

A: A: The Double Bling-Bling is aprox 9 inches across,  It is not a huge mum, but it’s not small either. It depends on the size of the wearer. We do offer other sizes on our Custom Bling-Bling page.  You may make the mum bigger by upgrading the mum flower to a 7.5 / 8″ flower, which makes the entire mum even larger (with out going mega mum size, which we also offer on a different page (see mega mums for mega sizes)).

Q: If I order the Bling-Bling, how long does it take?

A: We use the rule of 3, So 3 days production time and 3 days to ship. (note it could take 7-10 days standard during the height of mum season  but faster with rush status)This mum IS eligible for rush and urgent status as well as over night shipping.

Q: I have more questions but I don’t see them answered here.

A: Please read our FAQ Page if you have more questions about our mums. You may also call us to ask and we do accept phone orders as well.[/nx_spoiler][/nx_adscolumn][nx_adscolumn size=”1-3″][nx_spoiler title=”Shipping and Rush” open=”no” style=”fancy”]

For Pick Up Orders, we will email you when your order is ready. An address to Pick Up your mum will be provided for you at checkout and in the order confirmation email.

For Shipped Orders, we will ship using your preferred method. (Please allow us 48 hours to process in some cases during peak mum season) + 3 days to make your order + shipping time excluding rush orders. We usually say give us 7-10 days but we usually do it faster (winks).

For Rush / Urgent Orders – We charge $15 fee for rush orders, and $25 for urgent orders, this fee will put your order above everyone else’s. We will ship 2-3 day priority mail which is our standard unless you indicate other wise at checkout. You may opt to have your order overnighted to you which is not part of our free shipping offers. We can do this in MOST cases, however please remember if you’re ordering on a Thursday, and your homecoming is Friday, your Mum will NOT reach you in time (even if shipped over night) to make it to you to wear to school / mum exchange etc.

For Team orders please allow 3 extra days to process.[/nx_spoiler][/nx_adscolumn][nx_adscolumn size=”1-3″][nx_spoiler title=”Size & Length” open=”no” style=”fancy”]The Bling-Bling Homecoming Mum comes in three sizes.

Short – 24 inches (included) for elementary ages only.

Standard  – 30 inches (included) – Most Popular

Long – 36 inches (additional fee)
Note: The head of the mum measures approx. 9 inches long. The diagram photo shows approx lengths on an average 5’4 teenager. If you require another length please call us.[/nx_spoiler][/nx_adscolumn][nx_adscolumn size=”1-2″][nx_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#7bd366″]

  • Eligible for Pickup
  • Eligible for Free Standard Shipping
  • Eligible for RUSH or Overnight Shipping[/nx_list][/nx_adscolumn]





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NOTE: The price of the mum may change if you choose to add extras. If not, the price will be as stated above.

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