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Pricing: Price is a base. You are building a mum from scratch!

Please note: The Megas are large however they are NOT the largest we make. If you want the biggest, please see our “GIANT” category.

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Build Your MEGA Mum allows you to customize your Homecoming MEGA Mum the way you like it. A Mums and Kisses Original! One of our most popular options, our customers love that they can design they’re own homecoming mum, and we do all the work. With the Build Your Own MEGA Mum you control the price. The more you add the higher the price will grow. For those on a tighter budget we offer our Designer Mums to fit your budget that are all inclusive. We like to be upfront with our pricing, we have kids too. However, if you’re wanting to design your own, or want something very unique to you, then this is for you!

Building Your Own MEGA Mum is our most highly customized option. Below in the order area we offer you a full selection to create your unique Mum. You will be able to select EVERYTHING from start to finish from your name ribbons, activity trinkets and garland, your grade, bells, even your own colors and a TON more. You’ll also be able to add on additional items like glitter, boas, lights, the works.

BYO Mega has different shapes, like diamond, round or heart. We offer a few different sizes the diamond and heart shape use the 7.5″ flowers. The round is the 10″ flower.

We do NOT offer Rush or Urgent ordering for our mega mums. 

Pick Up – Please choose your need by date which is the date you need to pick up your order and your time slot. Please note, it’s ok to be late, but please don’t be early 🙂

Shipping – We do ship these sizes in a large box. We’ve been shipping our mums for years and were the 1st mum shop to ship commercially. We take great pride in getting you your mum in tip top shape. You may upgrade shipping if you need it faster, but it is expensive. Please note these are all free shipping. Please choose your need by date, this is the date you want your mum to arrive to you. We will ship in advance of the date you choose to ensure on time arrival.

Comments can be added to the customer notes section however we will not allow any additional product add-ons in customer notes

Note: If you are making an order for more than one mum or garter. Please do one at a time. Make the first one, click the “make it for me” button, then come back and begin the next.

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    All About You

  • *Grade Level

    This mum not available for Elementary Level students because of it's large size.

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    Ribbon Lengths

    30" standard length, however if the wearer is over 5'9 you might want to choose "long"

    homecoming mum sale

    Mega Mum shapes vary in size. Please click the tool tip to see more information on each shape

    Homecoming Mum RibbonYour Choice of 2 colors are included free. Additional colors can be added below

    Color might not be exact however we will do our very best to match the color you've selected. 
  • Add Additional Colors (Most Popular)

    Choose Up To 2 Additional Colors

    Add More Color!

    Color might not be exact however we will do our very best to match the color you've selected. 

    Specialty Ribbon

    Colors May Vary - Not all Patterns Available in All Colors

  • Mum Flower Centerpiece

    Most Popular! You may choose 1-3 centerpieces, please keep in mind the mum size.

    Note, Sports Decals come in their normal colors (ex: basketballs are orange. Soccer Balls are white & black) Rhinestone Bling Letters are silver only.

    *Custom Cut Name Should Be?

    8 Character Max

    *Football Number

    Example #48

    We will match your initial to you mum/garter colors

    We will match your initials to you mum/garter colors

    Remember the last name is the letter in the middle. Example: Joan Shelly Trimble would be JTS

    Sports Decal

    The sports decal centerpiece will be determined by the sport(s) you choose in the activity section below. Please remember that the decals will be the colors of their normal sport (basketballs are orange, soccer balls are white and black)

  • Make it a Bling Bling Mega!

  • Add More Activities

    homecoming mum saleInto More Than Just One Thing? That's Cool! Add More! (We use Trinkets and Garland & sometimes imprinted ribbon with your activity choice) Items may vary based on in stock availability. We will match to your colors. - Most Popular

    Please note, the more activities you add, the more braids you will want to add to hold the trinkets and accessories.

  • High Honors

    Add your achievements to your mum or garter

  • . Recommended

  • Adjustable Neckstrap

    Best selling homecoming mumsMake It Wearable Around My Neck - Most Popular!

    (Uncheck if this order is for a garter)

  • *Choose Your Loops

    Choose your homecoming loops, you may choose more than one for a fuller look. (We do require you to choose center loops as not to compromise the design and integrity of  our brand) Custom cut is not available at this time.

    *Choose Your Braids

    homecoming mum saleHalf off Braids!! Choose 2-4 braids (2 choices minimum required)With Bows at the bottom.  We match your colors. Choose up to 4 braids. (We do require you to choose at least 2 braids as not to compromise the design and integrity of  our brand)

  • Our Most Popular Extras

    These are the items we are asked for the most!

    Choose as many as you like!


    -Most Popular - We will match your colors. 2 Bell strands are auto selected, you may choose to deselect.


    Best selling homecoming mumsMake It Cute! - Most Popular

    Add Bow Packs or add our new Loni Bows. Professional Handmade Floral Bows.


    Best selling homecoming mumsMost Popular - This is where you make your mum fuller, and choose to go bigger with the decor. If you want to be Extra, or Over-The Top-Full. No one likes a skinny mum! 92% of our customers choose one of these options.

    Make It Sparkle

    Best selling homecoming mumsMost Popular - 96% of all customers add glitter sparkle.

    More Extras for 2023

    These extras we put anywhere on the mum/garter that needs a little :something" Might not be a centerpiece, if you'd like a centerpiece please choose one in the centerpiece section (above)
    Hot Items!

    3 Letters, please remember in a monogram the last name is the 2nd letter. Example, Jane Fran Doe's monogram would be JDF

    Examples: Swim, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Cheer, 

    Feather Boa

     These are the poof kind you like! We steam them for even bigger poof! Recommended

    While Supplies Last, If We Are Out Of Stock We May Substitute with Another Matching Color.

    LED Lights

    NOTE: Battery Pack On Back Of Mum Does Create Extra Weight. 3 AA Batteries Are Included. Lights are pure white, non blinking.

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    2. IMPORTANT - PLEASE DO NOT CALL ASKING WHERE YOUR ORDER IS UNLESS YOUR ORDER HAS NOT ARRIVED BY THE NEED BY DATE. You are in charge, you select your need by date, If you need your order sooner, then CHOOSE a sooner date! Every minute we are on the phone is a minute more you and everyone else has to wait for their orders. Please track your order on our site BEFORE calling.
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