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[nx_adscolumn size=”1-3″][nx_spoiler title=”Product Details” open=”no” style=”fancy”]Build Your MEGA Mum allows you to customize your Homecoming MEGA Mum the way you like it. A Mums and Kisses Original! One of our most popular options, our customers love that they can design they’re own homecoming mum, and we do all the work. With the Build Your Own MEGA Mum you control the price. The more you add the higher the price will grow. For those on a tighter budget we offer our Designer Mums to fit your budget that are all inclusive. We like to be upfront with our pricing,  we have kids too. However, if you’re wanting to design your own, or want something very unique to you, then this package is for you! The Build Your Own MEGA Mum can be different sizes. Click here to see all the other  Homecoming Mums and Garters we offer.[/nx_spoiler][/nx_adscolumn]

[nx_adscolumn size=”1-3″][nx_spoiler title=”First Time Mum Shoppers” open=”no” style=”fancy”]We make it easy! If you’re unsure on which options to choose, look for the options marked “Most Popular” or “Recommended”, they are the standard options to guide you through the order process.[/nx_spoiler][/nx_adscolumn]

[nx_adscolumn size=”1-3″][nx_spoiler title=”Make Your Mum Make A Difference” open=”no” style=”fancy”]Your purchase today will also benefit the charities we support this season.[/nx_spoiler][/nx_adscolumn]

[nx_adscolumn size=”1-3″][nx_spoiler title=”Personalize Options” open=”no” style=”fancy”]Building Your Own MEGA Mum is our most highly customized option. Below in the order form we offer you a full selection to create your unique Mum. You will be able to select EVERYTHING from start to finish from your name ribbons, activity trinkets and garland, your grade, bells, even your own colors and a TON more. You’ll also be able to add on additional items like glitter, boas, lights, extra jingle, (bells),etc at a low cost.[/nx_spoiler][/nx_adscolumn][nx_adscolumn size=”1-3″][nx_spoiler title=”FAQ of The Build Your Own MEGA Mum” open=”no” style=”fancy”]

Many of the questions you may have can be answered on our FAQ page. These are FAQ for the Build Your Own MEGA Mum or Garter.

Q: Why does the price change after I get to the checkout page?

A: As you build your mum you will be adding things to your liking. The price will increase as you add things to your mum. The prices are based on per item instead of per mum like the designer mums and garters. This IS a more expensive way to go, there’s no secret in that. If your cost gets high, you may choose a designer mum to stay on budget. Homecoming only comes once per year. The decision is all up to you!

Q: If I order the Build Your Own MEGA Mum, how long does it take?

A: Standard answer 8-12 business days.  If you’re local, you can save 2-3 days by using local pickup.

Q: I have more questions but I don’t see them answered here.

A: Please read our FAQ Page if you have more questions about our mums. You may also call us to ask and we do accept phone orders as well[/nx_spoiler][/nx_adscolumn][nx_adscolumn size=”1-3″][nx_spoiler title=”Size & Length” open=”no” style=”fancy”]Mums and Garters Homecoming Mum comes in three sizes. However not all 3 sizes are available on all products.

Mega Mum Lengths

Standard – 30 inches – Most Popular

Long – 36 inches

Note: The diagram photo shows approx lengths on an average male 5’9 teenager. If you require another length please call us.[/nx_spoiler][/nx_adscolumn][nx_adscolumn][nx_spoiler title=”Shipping” open=”no” style=”fancy”]For Pick Up Orders, we will email you when your order is ready. An address to PickUp your mum will be provided for you at checkout and in the order confirmation email.

For Shipped Orders, we will ship using your preferred method. Please allow us 6-7 days to make your order + shipping time in most cases.

For Rush / Urgent Orders –We do NOT offer Rush ordering for Mega Mums. However you may opt to have your order overnighted to you which is not part of our free shipping offers. We can do this in MOST cases, however please remember if you’re ordering on a Thursday, and your homecoming is Friday, your Mum will NOT reach you in time (even if shipped over night) to make it to you to wear to school / mum exchange etc.[/nx_spoiler][/nx_adscolumn][nx_adscolumn size=”1-2″]


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Note: If you are making an order for more than one mum or garter. Please do one at a time. Make the first one, click the “make it for me” button, then come back and begin the next.

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