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Can’t decide? Don’t have a clue what to choose? It happens. Let our designers whip you up something beautiful! the Designers Choice allows you to choose 3 different levels, Simple, Classy and Elegant. taking the hassle and the “I don’t know” out of ordering! It’s a quicker, simpler and shorter order form. Whether your a parent and this is your first time ordering, or you don’t know your date that well or what the might like. This is the option for you.

We offer 3 types of designer choice, each a different price. You can choose Simple or Classy or Elaborate Elegant. You may also choose Mum or Garter, for boys or for girls.

Some of our greatest creations and most popular products have come from letting our designers go nuts!

The price is for a complete mum/garter not a base

[nx_spoiler title=”How Does This Work?” style=”fancy”]We’ll ask you a few questions youchoose which options you’d like and click the “Make it For Me” button and done! [/nx_spoiler][nx_spoiler title=”What’s Included?” style=”fancy”]All come standard with the following:

◾6″-8″ inch White Mum Flower(s)

◾Full Double Pointed Double Looped Ribbon Outer Mum Décor.

◾Military Braid, and loops with “homecoming” letters

◾Choice of 2 Names on 2 Ribbons.

◾30 inch Ribbon Décor Length for mums / 18 inch for Garters

◾Choice of Activity Décor

◾4 Garland Strands for the shine factor!

◾Up to 16 extras depending on the style you choose and your designers creativity. [/nx_spoiler]

[nx_spoiler title=”FAQ” style=”fancy”]Q: What will I get with this mum?

A: A Mums and Kisses quality mum with our double and single faced satin ribbon. The thick wonderful quality we’re known for!

All sizes but the size will appear based on the style chosen and your answers. For example if you tell us your style is budget and that the mum is for a freshman girl that plays softball, we’ll make you a single mum with softball trinkets, freshman trinkets a loop braid and a military braid[/nx_spoiler]


    For surprise orders we will only contact the person who made the order, and we will use gift packing slips without prices. 

    Why this question? Our special needs students sometimes need their mums attached to walking or riding equipment or worn different ways. We ask to help the wearer the most.

    Why this question? At times we receive orders that customer making mistakes when ordering. Example: a mum for a boy or garter for a girl, or same sex name ribbons. Other times customers don't make a mistake and are ordering a LBGTQ mum or garter. We like to ensure that we are making the order correctly regardless. 

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    This is not the date you'll receive your order, this it the date of your actual Homecoming.

    All About You

    If we have your mascot's décor in stock we will use it (imprinted ribbon, trinkets etc) (this is a perk, not a given and subject to our stock) This does NOT include the plush mascot head or mask)

    Homecoming Mum RibbonYour Choice of 2 colors are included free. Additional colors can be added below

    Color might not be exact however we will do our very best to match the color you've selected. 
  • About Your Mum

    Mum for the ladies - Garter for the Gentlemen

  • The Cool Stuffwhat kind of homecoming mum do you want

    One Activity is Included (We use Trinkets and Garland & sometimes imprinted ribbon with your activity choice) Items may vary based on in stock availability. We will match to your colors
  • Adjustable Neckstrap

    Best selling homecoming mumsMake It Wearable Around My Neck - Most Popular!

    (Uncheck if this order is for a garter)

  • .

  • These are the items we are asked for the most!

    Choose as many as you like!

    All the Bells and Whistles - Most Popular

    Please note: Each bell strand contains 3 bells and 3 bows. You may also choose to remove all bells for no noise option. Cowbell option includes 1 cowbell, 1 decor and 1 bow.

    Best selling homecoming mumsMake It Cute! - Most Popular

    Add 1-3 Bow packs! Or add our new Loni Bows. Professional Handmade Floral Bows.

    Make It DOUBLE

    I'm Extra!

    Best selling homecoming mumsMost Popular

    Make It Sparkle

    Best selling homecoming mums

    New Extras for 2022!!

    these new items we add to different parts of the mum for style and uniqueness.

    3 Letters, please remember in a monogram the last name is the 2nd letter. Example, Jane Fran Doe's monogram would be JDF

    Feather Boa

    Not Recommended for Single Mum Sizes 6.5 or smaller.  These are the poof kind you like! We steam them for even bigger poof! 

    While Supplies Last, If We Are Out Of Stock We May Substitute with Another Matching Color.

    Add LED Lights

    NOTE: Battery Pack On Back Of Mum Does Create Extra Weight. 3 AA Batteries Are Included. Lights are pure white, non blinking.

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