Homecoming Mum – The Morgan Giant

Recommended for:

Seniors, Juniors or College Level.

Highly customizable,

Our signature bling factor included!

Starting at - $625.00

Morgan Giant Homecoming Mum

Pricing: Price is for a COMPLETE mum, NOT a base.

The Morgan Giant is a HUGE 3 FOOT Across Homecoming Mum. This one you’ll have to walk sideways to fit in the door! You can choose for us to make this just front or It can be made front AND back.

  • Note: The Morgan Giant is Pickup Only. We do not ship this one.

If I order my mum today, when will I get it?”

The Morgan Requires estimated 2 weeks to make.

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The Info

5 – 7 1/2″ White Mums.

◾Full Pointed Triple Ribbon Outer Mum Décor.

◾Choice of 2 Names on 1 loop braids in choice of bling or custom cut name

◾Upgraded Ribbon from our Luxury Line

◾4 Bling-Bling Rhinestone Garland Strands

◾Choice of Activity Décor

◾1 Ribbon Loop Cord included with “HOMECOMING”

◾ Choice of up to 6 braids

◾4 Garland Strands for the shine factor!

◾There is over 82 feet of Ribbon

◾Custom Backer on this one makes it 3 feet across

◾16 yards of ribbon streamers

◾12 feet of decorative ribbon

◾ 12 bows

The Morgan can be highly customized. Below in the order area you will be able to select your name ribbons, activity trinkets and garland, bells and more which are all included in the price. You’ll also be able to add on additional items like glitter, bells, etc.

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    Glitter Mums

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  • Front & Back

    The Morgan can be made front AND back as shown in the video. The price listed at the top of the page is for the FRONT only. If you would like us to make the Morgan as a front quad and a back mum sash please make the selection below. NOTE: The back mum sash will NOT have added centerpieces to the mum flowers as it makes it even harder for the student to sit. The back sash is removeable, Both front or back can be worn alone.

  • The Cool Stuff

    Homecoming mum ribbon

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    Note, Sports Decals come in their normal colors (ex: basketballs are orange. Soccer Balls are white & black) 2. Rhinestone Letters are silver

    8 Character Max

    8 Character Max

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    Remember the last name is the letter in the middle. Example: Joan Shelly Trimble would be JTS

    Sports Decal

    The sports decal centerpiece will be determined by the sport(s) you choose in the activity section below. Please remember that the decals will be the colors of their normal sport (basketballs are orange, soccer balls are white and black)

  • Centerpiece Options

    You may choose up to 3 centerpieces. We will match you colors, please note some options like the bling letter only come in silver.

    *What are your varsity letters

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    *Name for custom cut

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  • The Detailswhat kind of homecoming mum do you want

    One Activity is Included (We use Trinkets and Garland & sometimes imprinted ribbon with your activity choice) Items may vary based on in stock availability. We will match to your colors
  • Homecoming mum ribbon

    Custom Cut Names Included. One-word names only, no spaces. 12 characters max

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    (First Name Only)

    (First Name Only)

  • The Cool Stuffwhat kind of homecoming mum do you want

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  • Add More Activities

    homecoming mum saleInto More Than Just One Thing? That's Cool! Add More! (We use Trinkets and Garland & sometimes imprinted ribbon with your activity choice) Items may vary based on in stock availability. We will match to your colors. - Most Popular

    Please note, the more activities you add, the more braids you will want to add to hold the trinkets and accessories.

  • High Honors

    Add your achievements to your mum or garter

  • Add Your Brag - Ribbon with your accomplishments on it! We use both satin imprinted ribbon and in some instances sticker letters to achieve this look.


    Up to 14 letters including spaces  (we use stickers not imprinted ribbon, we match your colors)

  • Royalty Ribbons

    Were you nominated to the Homecoming Court? Add the honor to your mum in a ribbon.

  • *Included Braid & Loops

    These two are included.


    Choose more braids for that fuller look.

  • Our Most Popular Extras

    These are the items we are asked for the most!

    Choose as many as you like!


    Choose Your Bells




    More Extras!!

    Hot Items!

    3 Letters, please remember in a monogram the last name is the 2nd letter. Example, Jane Fran Doe's monogram would be JDF

    Turkey Feather Boa

    Your Morgan Giant comes with a Turkey Boa. The only customers that get our Turkey Boas are our Giant customers. Also note: Some of our turkey boas are custom dyed making them the only ones in the world!! We usually will use white however if other colors are chosen above then we may use other complimenting colors.

    LED Lights

    NOTE: Battery Pack On Back Of Mum Does Create Extra Weight. 3 AA Batteries Are Included. Lights are pure white, non blinking. 2 - 3 Packs are needed for front alone. If back sash has been added then we will add another pack of lights for the back too!

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