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Pricing: Price is for a COMPLETE mum, NOT a base. Please see the “What’s included tab” for info.

The Diamond MEGA Homecoming Mum is a mammoth! Go big or go home, right? This Texas Giant was a special order for a very special young lady, we’re bringing it back for you all! Hold on to your skirts because this one will blow you OUT!

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[nx_adscolumn size=”1-3″][nx_spoiler title=”Dimentions” open=”no” style=”fancy”]Head of the Mum is Diamond shape – 18 inches x 20 inches x 17 inches – Ribbon Streamers are 30 inches long. Total length when worn = 48 inches. Which means that The Diamond Mega Homecoming Mum is approx. 4 foot long! OMG, right? Can we make it shorter? Sure![/nx_spoiler][/nx_adscolumn]

[nx_adscolumn size=”1-3″][nx_spoiler title=”Design Time” open=”no” style=”fancy”]Our Mega Mums unfortunately are not part of our rush service. These masterpieces take time. Design time on the Megas are approx. 4-5 days at minimum. (then add 2-3 days for shipping). Please allow 7-10 days in total if using standard shipping. How to calculate production time – Take your homecoming date, and count back 10-11 days as there is no shipping on Sundays. The date you count back to would be the last chance to order for us to make it and ship it for arrival the day BEFORE your homecoming (yes it’s cutting it close so please take that into mind).[/nx_spoiler][/nx_adscolumn]

[nx_adscolumn size=”1-3″][nx_spoiler title=”Personalize Options” open=”no” style=”fancy”]The Diamond MEGA Homecoming Mum can be highly customized. Below in the order form you will be able to select your colors, name ribbons, activity trinkets and garland, your grade, bells and more which are all included in the price. You’ll also be able to upgrade the options, and add on additional items like glitter, extra jingle (bells)[/nx_spoiler][/nx_adscolumn]

[nx_adscolumn size=”1-3″][nx_spoiler title=”What is Included?” open=”no” style=”fancy”]All Double Faced Satin or Luxury Line Ribbons – only high quality ribbon in this designer mum,

  • 5 Quint Mums 7.5″ White & Glitter mums (Think of a quad with one more mum in the middle.)
  • Full Pointed Triple Ribbon Outer Mum Décor.
  • Double loop outside Trim and ribbon satin.
  • Choice of 2 Names on 2 Ribbons with custom cut lettering
  • Our highest upgraded Ribbon from our Luxury Line
  • 4 Bling Bling Rhinestone Garland Strands
  • Your Choice of Silver or Gold Accent Trinkets
  • Choice of Activity Décor
  • 9 feet of Garland in your activity
  • 3 Braids – 2 fancy military braids, 1 Homecoming Loop Braids with custom cut lettering.
  • 12 foot of  Garland Strands for the shine factor!
  • There is over 246 feet of Ribbon!
  • 2 Mega Backers
  • Custom cut initial Centerpiece
  • 16 inches of stemmed mirror balls
  • 84 inches of curly stems
  • 46 yards of ribbon streamers
  • 48 feet of decorative ribbon
  • 12 feet of Garland in your activity
  • Choice of 2 Names on 2 Ribbons
  • “Top -Full” design.
  • 12 trinkets
  • 6 – 1 inch or larger bells with 6 bows
  • 12 yards of metallic ribbon
  • Adjustable Neckstrap for wearing.

[/nx_spoiler][/nx_adscolumn][nx_adscolumn size=”1-3″][nx_spoiler title=”Size & Length” open=”no” style=”fancy”]The Diamond MEGA Homecoming Mum comes in three lengths.

Short – 24 inches (included)

Standard  – 30 inches (included) – Most Popular

Long – 36 Inches

Note: The head of the mum measures approx. 9 inches long. The diagram photo shows approx lengths on an average 5’4 female teenager. If you require another length please call us.[/nx_spoiler][/nx_adscolumn][nx_adscolumn size=”1-3″][nx_spoiler title=”Shipping & Rush” open=”no” style=”fancy”]

For Pick Up Orders, we will email you when your order is ready. An address to PickUp your mum will be provided for you at checkout and in the order confirmation email.

For Shipped Orders, we will ship using your preferred method. Please allow 4 days for production time and at least 24- 48 hours order processing time + shipping time in most cases this mum will take 7-10 days from order to arrival.

For Rush / Urgent Orders – Rush and Urgent ordering is NOT available on mega mums, we apologize. However you still may request overnight shipping to get it a little sooner but we can not rush production times on our giants.

For Team orders are not available for mega mums.[/nx_spoiler][/nx_adscolumn][nx_adscolumn size=”1-2″][nx_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#7bd366″]

  • Eligible for Pickup
  • Eligible for Free Standard Shipping
  • Eligible Overnight Shipping[/nx_list][/nx_adscolumn]

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  • The Basics

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    For surprise orders we will only contact the person who made the order, and we will use gift packing slips without prices. 

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    You may choose your shipping method at checkout. Free Shipping on Orders Over $199.


    You may choose your shipping method at checkout. Free Shipping on Orders Over $199

    Choose Your Arrival Date

    Important - The "Arrival Date" insures that your product will arrive in time for your Homecoming event. 

    *Arrival Date

    This is the NOT the date we ship, this is the date you'd like your order to arrive to you by.

    *Homecoming Event Date

    This is not the date you'll receive your order, this it the date of your actual Homecoming.

    All About You

    *Name of Your School

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  • *Grade Level

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    Not Available For Elementary School Ages

    Ribbon Lengths

    If no length is chosen we will use the standard 30" length

    *Base Colors

    Homecoming Mum RibbonPlease choose your base color


    Accent Color

    Hint of Color or Even

    Regarding the colors below, please tell us if you would like the additional color below to be just a hint of color or an even balance with the base and accent colors above.

    In Addition to your base color and accent color above, (which are free), you may add more color if you choose.

    Color might not be exact however we will do our very best to match the color you've selected. 

  • The Cool Stuff

    Homecoming mum ribbon

    Custom Cut Names Included

    Names are custom cut letters. One word names only, no spaces. 14 characters max.

    No Spaces / limited characters.

    We will add a heart divider where the comma is. 

  • Specialty Ribbon Patterns

    Colors May Vary - Not all colors are available for all patterns.

    We include several patterned ribbons in our mums, however if you would like to choose your own, please choose below.

    *Specialty Usage

    Tell us how much of this ribbon to use.

  • Mum Flower Centerpiece

    The Single Initial Centerpiece is included in your mum price however you may choose another to upgrade your centerpiece for a small fee. You may choose up to 4 centerpieces.

    Remember this is a Mega and there is a lot of space.

    What Is Your Initial

    8 Characters Max

    Monograms must have 3 initials

  • The Cool Stuffwhat kind of homecoming mum do you want

    One Activity is Included (We use Trinkets and Garland & sometimes imprinted ribbon with your activity choice) Items may vary based on in stock availability. We will match to your colors
  • Your Activity

    homecoming mum saleInto More Than Just One Thing? That's Cool! Add More! (We use Trinkets and Garland & sometimes imprinted ribbon with your activity choice) Items may vary based on in stock availability. We will match to your colors. - Most Popular

    Add As Many As You Like

    Please note, the more activities you add, the more braids you will want to add to hold the trinkets and accessories.

  • Add Your Brag - Ribbon with your accomplishments on it! We use both satin imprinted ribbon and in some instances sticker letters to achieve this look.


    Up to 14 letters including spaces  (we use stickers not imprinted ribbon, we match your colors)

  • .

  • Royalty Ribbons

    Were you nominated to the Homecoming Court? Add the honor to your mum in a ribbon.

  • Choose Your Braids

    homecoming mum saleThere are 3 Braids included, However we recommend choosing 2 more for the best effect.

    Add 2 more braids for that extra full and beautiful look!

    We allow you to choose 2 extra braids. Our braids are 1.5 inches wide or wider (depending on design) twice the width of craft shop braids, bows included.

  • Our Most Popular Extras

    These are the items we are asked for the most!

    Choose as many as you like!


    -Most Popular - We will match your colors. 


    Best selling homecoming mumsMake It Cute! - Most Popular

    Add Bow Packs or add our new Loni Bows. Professional Handmade Floral Bows.


    Best selling homecoming mumsMost Popular - This is where you make your mum fuller, and choose to go bigger with the decor. If you want to be Extra, or Over-The Top-Full. No one likes a skinny mum! 92% of our customers choose one of these options.

    Make It Sparkle

    Best selling homecoming mumsMost Popular - 96% of all customers add glitter sparkle.

    More Extras for 2022

    Hot Items!

    3 Letters, please remember in a monogram the last name is the 2nd letter. Example, Jane Fran Doe's monogram would be JDF

    Examples: Swim, Basketball, Baseball, Soccer, Cheer, 

    Feather Boa

     These are the poof kind you like! We steam them for even bigger poof! Recommended

    While Supplies Last, If We Are Out Of Stock We May Substitute with Another Matching Color.

    LED Lights

    NOTE: Battery Pack On Back Of Mum Does Create Extra Weight. 3 AA Batteries Are Included. Lights are pure white, non blinking.