The Lacy MEGA Single Homecoming Mum

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Pricing: The price is for a COMPLETE mum not a base. Please click “What’s included” for complete info. You may add extras below for a fee.

The Lacy MEGA Single Homecoming Mum is a HUGE 10 inch flower! This is the biggest flower they make y’all. For those that like the classic with the huge, this mum is for you!

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[nx_adscolumn size=”1-3″][nx_spoiler title=”Design Time” open=”no” style=”fancy”]Our Mega Mums unfortunately are not part of our rush service. These masterpieces take time. Design time on the Megas are approx. 4-5 days at minimum. (then add 2-3 days for shipping).[/nx_spoiler][/nx_adscolumn]

[nx_adscolumn size=”1-3″][nx_spoiler title=”Personalize Options” open=”no” style=”fancy”]This mum can be highly customized. Below in the order form you will be able to select your colors, name ribbons, activity trinkets and garland, your grade, bells and more which are all included in the price. You’ll also be able to upgrade the options, and add on additional items like glitter, extra jingle (bells)[/nx_spoiler][/nx_adscolumn]

[nx_adscolumn size=”1-3″][nx_spoiler title=”What is Included?” open=”no” style=”fancy”]All Double Faced Satin or Luxury Line Ribbons – only high quality ribbon in this designer mum,

  • 1 White 10″ Mum HUGE
  • Full Pointed Triple Ribbon Outer Mum Décor.
  • Double loop outside Trim and ribbon satin.
  • Choice of 2 Names on 2 Ribbons with custom cut lettering
  • Our highest upgraded Ribbon from our Luxury Line
  • 4 Bling Bling Rhinestone Garland Strands
  • Choice of Activity Décor
  • 9 feet of Garland in your activity
  • 3 Braids – 2 fancy braids, 1 Homecoming Loop Braids with custom cut lettering.
  • 12 foot of  Garland Strands for the shine factor!
  • There is over 246 feet of Ribbon!
  • 3  Backers
  • 16 inches of stemmed mirror balls
  • 84 inches of curly stems
  • 46 yards of ribbon streamers
  • 48 feet of decorative ribbon
  • 12 feet of Garland in your activity
  • Choice of 2 Names on 2 Ribbons
  • 12 trinkets
  • 6 – 1 inch or larger bells with 6 bows
  • 12 yards of metallic ribbon
  • Adjustable Neckstrap for wearing.

[/nx_spoiler][/nx_adscolumn][nx_adscolumn size=”1-3″][nx_spoiler title=”Size & Length” open=”no” style=”fancy”]the Lacy Mega Single is a 10 inch flower! The biggest they make y’all! DIMENSIONS: “Head of the Mum”  round shape – 13.5 inches x 13.5 inches total a round – Ribbon Streamers are 30 inches long. Total length when worn = 44 inches.

Standard  – 30 inches (included) – Most Popular

Long – 36 Inches

Note: The head of the mum measures approx. 13 inches long. The diagram photo shows approx lengths on an average 5’4 female teenager. If you require another length please call us.[/nx_spoiler][/nx_adscolumn][nx_adscolumn size=”1-3″][nx_spoiler title=”Shipping & Rush” open=”no” style=”fancy”]

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For Shipped Orders, we will ship using your preferred method. Please allow 5-7 days for production time at minimum and at least 24- 48 hours order processing time + shipping time in most cases this mum may take 8-11 days from order to arrival.

For Rush / Urgent Orders – Rush and Urgent ordering is NOT available on mega mums, we apologize. However you still may request overnight shipping to get it a little sooner but we can not rush production times on our giants.

Team orders are not available for mega mums.[/nx_spoiler][/nx_adscolumn][nx_adscolumn size=”1-2″][nx_list icon=”icon: check” icon_color=”#7bd366″]

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