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Mums and Kisses has a long track record of quality work using all satin double faced ribbon. With our free shipping our customers come back year after year.

A note from the owner of Mums and Kisses

“Our customers are the best. I’ve met some of the sweetest people and have gotten to speak with their children. I can’t say enough about what respectful young people our customers have! I love hearing how proud you all are of your children and what an exciting time it is for your families. Personal customer service is a #1 for me. As is privacy and security of the information we’re entrusted with. I’ve personally had my identity stolen THREE times online over the years, and it’s my personal mission to make sure that doesn’t happen to the customers of Mums and Kisses! Making a secure website with payment options and a quality product from start to finish. I hope to deliver that to every single order. The products that leave our facility are done with care, hand craftsmanship and with all our love.” – Shannon Hart Gonzalez

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Our Current Reviews

5 Star Rating Date: Today 8:09p.m. “We have ordered garters for the last 3 years and love them every year!! The first year I called in a panic and they put me at ease and. helped me pick out a gorgeous garter! Excellent work and excellent customer service!! – Rachel Bullington -Verified Customer website review

5 Star Rating Date: 1 day ago 9:22am CST – “We have been literally stalking the Mums and Kisses website since June awaiting our senior daughter’s homeoming-  Product Review

5 Star Rating Date: 1 day ago 11:33pm CST – “It is beautiful! Oh my goodness I love it. Thanks a million for creating such a wonderful memory! – Ann –  Product Review
5 Star Rating Date: 1 day ago 1:29pm CST – “I ordered last week and got my homecoming mum today. I thought I’d order them all and not have to worry about it later. I am SO glad that I did. Not only was shipping super fast, but the quality and design of our mum using the build your own mum option was amazing! Both of my daughters were squealing and excited. We will definitely remember this and be back again next year. Your ordering system is fast and I loved that I could see what I was getting. Thank you sooooo much Mums and Kisses!! See you again next year! – Kelly Spencer – Product Review

5 Star Rating Date: 1 day ago 11:43am CST – “I was glad that the products were as described. I was afraid to order a mum online. I bought a mum for my cousins baby shower and it’s all they talked about the whole time. You made me look great, Mums and Kisses! Thank you! – Lyndsey Mullen – Product Review

5 Star Rating Date: 2 days ago 6:51pm CST – “I can really see the difference. The quality of these things are sooo much better than any we’ve seen anywhere else over the years. We opened our box and our mouths hung open. Truly stunning work! Fast shipping A++” Trinity Bellanger – Amazon Review

5 Star Rating Date: 2 days ago 8:02am EST – “We don’t do homecoming mums in West Virginia, but after they see mine they will! This Mega quad is stunning!! There’s not enough stars to give to say thank you..! – Haley Cotton – Product Review

5 Star Rating Date: 3 days ago 3:17pm CST – “I read all the reviews here before I bought, and was impressed, but when I got my mum I was amazed!!! I love the attention to detail. The Double Bling is Exactly as promised!” – Carla – Product Review

5 Star Rating Date: 3 days ago 10:22am CST – “My son got his garter. Thank you for making them so early. It is now one less thing I have to do this school year.” Wendy Reed – Castile Online Review

5 Star Rating Date: 3 days ago 8:56am CST –  I recv’d my mum today. My mom is thrilled. You made her so happy by making her a matching mum. She loves it. She never got to have one, and you made a small dream of her’s come true. Thank you Mums and Kisses.” – Nancy and Shana Morgan – Plano High School

5 Star Rating Date: 4 days ago 9:10pm CST – “Thank you for the fast free shipping! It definitely helped. The quality is amazing. We ordered the Tiburon and are so impressed. My son’s gf’s parents were shocked too. Thank you so much, you really did make us look like rock stars!” – Teressa Lambardi – Product Review


5 Star RatingDate: 5 days ago 4:16pm CST – “This is a great MUM! it is very beautiful. My daughter absolutely loved it. When we compared it to the mums that other girls had it was amazing how much better quality it was and the price is great also.” – Src_1974 – Amazon Review

5 Star Rating “I am in love with the Bling mum. That is the most beautiful mum we’ve ever had in all the years I’ve had to buy mums for my 4 children. We will be ordering again!!” – Leslie Blair –Google Review

5 Star Rating “Connor was so proud to give it to her. I know that we went over the order very thoroughly, but I never imagined that the actual finished mum would be so extraordinary.  Please extend my thanks to Mya and your son for adding their creativity and enthusiasm to this very special mum.” – Paula Gray

5 Star Rating“I have not rcv’d my order yet- but already the rep Shannon has gone above and beyond to make sure I get my Mum in time! True customer service in every sense of the word!” -Madisson Frazion   (Comment Made via Square Up Review)

5 Star RatingWow! What a wonderful experience. I was so stressed about waiting until the last minute to order, but Shannon not only was incredibly accommodating, but had lots of suggestions for creating the perfect unique mum for us. And she even stayed well within my budget. Since my son is only a freshman in high school, I foresee many more years with Mums and Kisses.” Angela Kellerman –  YP.com

5 Star RatingIf I could give 10 stars I would! The quality the price. Now I pass the mums in the Hobby Lobby and laugh. I’ve got 4 more kids going through h.s and I am now a Mums and Kisses lifer! Thank you M&K’s! – Petri Malori – Bing Review

5 Star Rating “Not sure there are enough kind words to describe the amazing experience we had with Mums and Kisses. Above and beyond experience as they executed all the detail…ls of our custom project just as if it was one of their own kids special events. Stellar communication and such heart felt kindness throughout. I give the highest recommendation for anyone needing” Facebook Review

]5 Star Rating ““We received our Cally mum yesterday and I was blown away by the attention to detail! Thank you so much Mums and Kisses for going above and beyond to make my Cally feel so special!” -Carolyn Alexander-Tayon – Facebook Review

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