OMG you’ve not gotten your homecoming mum yet! We can help. We offer rush orders for those that have not a moment to spare!

Here’s how they work:

Rush Orders are possible, If we have the supplies in house and can make the order for you, we will!! But please note, we charge an additional $15.00 for ALL rush orders. Rush order is any order that we have to push back other orders in order to make yours. You may want to choose to upgrade shipping to overnight in some cases, and shipping fees may apply.

Urgent Orders These are orders the 911 type. Can they be done? Our best answer is… most times, YES! We can make your order in 24-48 hours or less if we have the material in stock. The mega mums do not qualify for Urgent orders. Our policy on Rush and Urgent orders is, if you can do it, we will! We’ll do our best to get you what you need and fast. There is an additional $25.00 for Urgent Orders. Please choose Overnight at checkout (shipping fees will apply)

If you are worried or uncomfortable about the time frame give us a call: 817-518-9000