Meet Mya Gonzalez

Mya has rose to fame on Etsy for her one of a kind decals. She hand draws many of the custom cuts making them super unique. Mya has been with Mums and Kisses since the start. She can make mums, take orders run the store and still manages to go to school and make wonderful grades. Mya’s new designs gives Mums and Kisses a cutting edge. Her decals on Etsy have ALL reached all time best sellers every season and she’s received 177 – 5 star reviews in the 2021 season alone. Her custom cuts are now requested in bulk by online stores by stores such as a Walmart here she has won the buy box on 6 times!


In the off season Mya continues to make decals preparing for the next season. She’s also a in the SOJ Drumline and plays 13 different instruments. She loves painting and drawing and is an aspiring chef.