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Homecoming Mums With Bling
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Mega Homecoming Mum By Mums and Kisses
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Texas Homecoming Mums

Texas Homecoming Mums at their finest! Mums and Kisses has been making Homecoming Mums for a long time. We’ve seen the trends come and go, we’ve seen the Texas Homecoming Mum evolve from the real smaller corsages to the monsters they are today. We understand how important the Texas Homecoming Mum and Garters are to the kids and we keep the tradition alive! Every year, worried and stressed out parents call or show up in the store wanting the best for the least amount of money. We understand, we have kids too! We know that a lot of times a mum or a garter is a gift and it’s important to have something not only gorgeous but holds together well, quality is important!

Texas Homecoming Garters are also getting bigger and bigger. They’re becoming just as important to the guys as they are the ladies. At Mums and Kisses we want to make sure BOTH are happy. We offer ordering online, instore and were the first to offer shipping nationwide. That’s how we started!

Our Texas Homecoming Mums aren’t just for Texans either, over half of our customers are located in another state! Our customers have helped us start trends in schools in North Dakota, Georgia, Virginia, Florida and more. We’ve shipped to 39 of the 50 states and counting! We’ve even shipped to Japan! The UPS driver comes twice per day to pickup and smiles every time, knowing he’s hauling long boxes to deliver to students of all ages. With all this practice, we know how to make sure it not only gets to our customers on time, but in excellent condition!

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See our customer reviews to see what all our customers are saying. We’ve done nothing but mums for years, Have made Texas Homecoming Mums for celebrities’ and for the Dallas Cowboys!

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Why Choose Us?

  • No deposits, you pay when you order and done!
  • We make each mum BY HAND, from scratch and with Satin!
  • No plastic acetate mums from the hobby stores, yuck!
  • We know that most mums are a gift and should look like it!
  • You won’t have to go to the store, we’ll ship it!
  • 5 Star reviews from REAL customers!
  • No hassle ordering, we’re parents of teenagers too. One less thing on your plate!

Order online at www.mumsandkisses.com by phone at 817-518-9000 or in store at 3708 county Road 920 Crowley, Texas 76036

We’ll see you soon!