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So back to the original question, what am I actually getting?

When you place your order you’re getting a whole mum, not a base, not a kit, not a DIY. You’re placing an order for a fully decorated custom made, personalized product. 

Let’s begin with the basics. Every mum has a base. We make ours from scratch.

This photo shows two base mums.  The photo on the left is “The other guys Premade Mum Base” and on the right, “Our Custom Made Satin Mum Base”.  Both are basic, no customizations or décor. At the big box hobby shops you’ll pay $50 and up for their base mum on the left with no décor.

Mums and Kisses - Them and Ours

At Mums and Kisses, you’re are NOT going to get either of these mums. You’ll get a fully décored mum, names trinkets, homecoming charms and more.  And let’s face it you want your purchase to be something more than everyone else has. 

So what’s the difference?


We make every piece of your mum FROM SCRATCH and by hand.

  • Your mum is made in the U.S.A.
  • The ribbon is a very important and mums are a mix of many different types of ribbons. The hobby stores will sell you a mum made only out of acetate, a stiff ribbon, weather proof, but not quite as quality and beautiful as straight double and single faced satin. With us, you’ll get a mix of different types of ribbon in the same mum. Our base ribbon is satin, then we use, silk, beads, pearls, rhinestones and other quality material to accent, and even lace on top of the base to make a customized look.
  • We create each mum differently, no mum that leaves our company is ever the same. We feel that this is important for our customers individuality. Unless of courser you ask us to,
  • With Mums and Kisses you’re getting what we call a “Designer Mum”. A designer mum made with the Mums and Kisses brand is higher quality, reasonably priced and unique to each customer.
  • It does take some skill to put a mum together that doesn’t look like a mess. Yes all things are bigger in Texas but Texans demand quality! At Mums and Kisses that’s our biggest goal. To give you something you’ll be proud to sport to your homecoming game!
  • You’ll get something TRULY custom. And to your specifications on the build your own mum page. We offer several collections of designer mums but if you want to design your own from scratch, you can! And ALL online without ever having to pick up the phone or leave the house!
  • Mums and Kisses is the FIRST all 100% online store selling only Homecoming mums that are 100% from scratch.
  • There’s no order forms to download.
  • Free shipping over our advertised amount.
  • There is no deposits to make.
  • And No confusing online ordering. Our order area shows you each item you’re getting.
  • What does all this mean for you? Lower cost, Higher quality.
  • You’re getting a memory keepsake to remember your homecoming long after it’s over!
  • A mum is a wearable scrap book of your high school years.