Custom Homecoming Mums

Custom Homecoming Mums, it’s that time again! At Mums and Kisses, we make it super easy to order! Especially for the first-time mum shoppers. Don’t worry about figuring out how to make a homecoming mum. Need a Deal? We offer Free Shipping and more discounts on our DEALS PAGE. If you’ve been wondering where all those girls got their cool mums from, Right Here!

First, Let’s See How Custom Homecoming Mums Work!

  • Each product page has an area to make selections for your Custom Homecoming Mums.
  • When we say we make custom mums we mean, we make each mum BY HAND, from scratch and with Satin!
  • If you are a first-time mum shopper, look for the “most popular” or “recommended” labels.
  • On Each Product Page, We’ll Tell You If There’s a Cheaper Option. We are transparent with our pricing.
  • Each section has photos so that you can see what you’re really getting, not just words.
  • Follow the easy step by step menus and soon your Custom Homecoming Mum will be on it’s way.

Never The Same

No mum that leaves our facility is ever the same, that’s because we use 95% all double faced satin. The keepsake kind! We make your own homecoming mum unique to YOU! And THAT is what we mean by custom! Whether it’s a mum or garter, we’ll make sure it’s not like anyone else walking in your school.Mega Homecoming Mum By Mums and Kisses

Understand the difference between “Personalized” and “Custom”. Personalized is a name added and done, and most times it also means a manufactured pre-made item , like those sold at that big hobby store, (no they don’t really make their mums, they buy them premade from the manufacturer, slap a trinket and name on it and sell it to you at ungodly prices.)

Customized is what YOU make it. That means in custom in design, size, length, color, details AND names. Custom is what it says, truly custom homecoming mums, from scratch.

Why Buy Our Custom Homecoming Mums?Texas Mums and Garters - Custom Mums

  • No deposits, you pay when you order and done!
  • We make each mum BY HAND, from scratch and with Satin!
  • No plastic acetate mums from the hobby stores, yuck!
  • We know that most mums are a gift and should look like it!
  • You won’t have to go to the store, we’ll ship it!
  • 5 Star reviews from REAL customers!
  • No hassle ordering, we’re parents of teenagers too. One less thing on your plate!

A Quick Note

While you look around, remember we offer two ways to order, Designer or, Create Your Own. If you want to make your own Custom Homecoming Mum from Scratch? See our “Build Your Own Mum” Page to create your own! You can view more of our Designer Custom Homecoming Mums by using the navigation menus above.

Match it

Custom Homecoming Mum

Also, make sure to visit our matching garter section too. We can make a garter to match your mum so that you and your date look great in photos. Don’t forget the guys! We offer many different sizes in garters as well. Customers can shop by grade as well to help you determine which garter is best for you.

More About Us

Mums and Kisses is now international! Our custom mums are defiantly one of a kind. We’re the #1 choice of students in cities across the world. YES, we said the WORLD! We’ve shipped mums as far as Japan! And as near as down the street, across the country to Virginia, Florida, North Dakota, and Washington state just to name a few! And you thought mums were a Texas thing?

Nope! Our dream is that every student will want a homecoming tradition like this one. We know you have many choices in Homecoming Mums and we’re honored and humbled that you chose us.  We hope to serve you year after year.

New Technology

Furthermore, we do recommend that you make an account at check out so that you may track your order. Our awesome ordering service uses the coolest technology that rivals even Amazon, where you can track your order right to your door! Our customers love our new tracking service, it saves them time, calls and peace of mind knowing when they’re going to receive their orders. 

Another perk is that by making an account, you can return next year and not have to fill your information in again and again. It’s a good way to go and we never sell your information or spam you, EVER. You probably will only hear from us once or twice a year, we hate spam too! But if you need us, we are open all year round!

Make Your Own Homecoming Mum With Us!

Finally, If you’d like to create your own mum from scratch, it’s super easy.

  1. Visit our “Build Your Own Mum” page. You can hand craft your own design using all of our materials, and best of all,
  2. After designing your own mum, we do all the work.
  3. AND ship it to your door, Free*!

It really doesn’t get any better than that. Sometimes our customers come up with some seriously awesome ideas and for those, we’ll work with you to make what’s in your mind, come true, then we’ll name it after you! Now THAT is cool! A Custom Homecoming Mum with your name on it for the world to see!

We wish you a happy homecoming and again, thank you for choosing Mums and Kisses. Our customers have helped to make our dreams come true for our family and we’re truly honored to have you on our site.

School Fundraisers

If your school needs a fundraiser, send us an email! We share our profits with schools and parent groups. We also are apart of scholarship programs as well. If you’d like to make money for your school with Mums and Kisses, let us know, we’d be happy to speak with you about your fundraising needs.

Community and Charity

At Mums and Kisses, we understand that a Homecoming Mum is more of a “want” than a “need”, and that there are a lot of other places to spend your money. We like to remedy this by donating some of the proceeds we make, not just to schools, but to both local and national charity organizations because it’s one of our favorite parts of the job. Some of the of which are near and dear to our hearts:

Homecoming Mums for Charity

The Alzheimer’s Association – In honor and tribute to those we’ve lost and those who still suffer. ( I miss you daddy, every day.)

The Aaron Singleton Scholarship Fund – Dedicated to #33 Aaron Singleton of Joshua High School. at 15 years old, he is gone too soon: 2001- 2016


The Cook Children’s 5k. –  Our kids love the Cowtown Marathon and Mums and Kisses supports them and others in their charity endeavors. – In tribute to those who survive (Mary A. Hart, we love and miss you), and memorial or those who fought to the end.

 To name a small few. So when you buy from Mums and Kisses, you’re supporting your local community and national charities. The “and Kisses” in our name is the love we send with each and every order.
Thank you for visiting Mums and Kisses website. We’re truly honored to have you!
Happy Homecoming!