At Mums and Kisses, we strive to get your order to you on time, every time! We know how important your order is to your special day! We offer two methods of delivery,


Local Pick Up 

What is the local area of pick up? It is however far you want to drive to come get it!  That is up to you, as we do not deliver. We are located in Crowley, Texas, right outside of Fort Worth. 

It is recommend that if you are within 30-40 miles from us to use local pickup as at times UPS seems to do awesome shipping across the state and country but has failed us twice on 20 miles away.


Pick Up Works Like This:

The Need By Date you indicated when you made your order is also your pickup date. The pickup time is what you chose when ordering. There is no late fee on pickup times and you don’t have to call to reschedule, just come when you can. Please check your email ( make sure our emails don’t go to your spam/junk folder) to see when your order is complete and ready for pickup. If your order online doesn’t show complete or ready for pickup then it is not ready yet.

Rush Orders

Rush orders are available on most of our products, but not all. You may choose rush when making your order. There will be a rush fee which we use to make sure your order is moved above everyone else’s. This is NOT a shipping rush fee. That is separate. Please use Rush fee if the date you need is NOT selectable in the order area.

Urgent Orders

Call us to be sure we have the supplies that we’ll need to make your mum in stock. If we have the supplies in house and can make the order for you, we will!! But please note, we charge an additional fee to have your mum made. At times we may waive the fee if we are caught up on our orders. MEGA MUMS DO NOT QUALIFY FOR RUSH ORDERS.

Don’t be fooled by mum companies that claim that there is no rush fee for a custom mum. They’re selling you acetate ribbon, premade that they can throw together in 5 minutes. The quality is “You get what you pay for”.

** 24 hours or less to your homecoming date means all orders made the day before homecoming are subject to Urgent Fees. Please Note: Most customers need their mum no later than Thursday evening before Friday’s Homecoming Day at School. Orders made 24 hours or less usually do NOT qualify for shipping as you will receive your package on Friday (homecoming) and too late to wear to school.

Shipping & Delivery

One of our biggest questions is “How do you ship these things?” People are amazed that we can ship mums, but we do, and a LOT of them. Over 85% of our orders are shipped. To answer the question of how we ship, the simple answer would be FLAT! No not flat rate shipping…. we mean the mum is laid out flat, It’s laying down in it’s own box and secured so it will not move. This way you get it the way we made it. No folding! We make our mums out of satin; they don’t crease like acetate would. But just the same, we like it FLAT! (Some restrictions may apply)

Shipping Works Like This:

The heaviest shipping day is Monday of each week, which would make delivery Wednesday of that same week if shipped on Monday, and in time for your mum exchange. For Shipped Orders, we will ship using your preferred method. Our standard shipping rate will apply for all orders that are placed in normal time and are under our advertised free shipping amount. Shipping costs may be subject to change with multiple orders or at our discretion.

Standard shipping is UPS Ground however we do offer other shipping methods at check out. (Please note some areas such as Midland and Odessa as well as locations along the Texas border to Mexico, the UPS will take 3 full shipping days)

Delivery Hint

Tip: Once your package leaves our facility you will be provided with a tracking number only IF you have made an account with Mums and Kisses during checkout. After your order leaves our facility it is no longer in our area of responsibility. Any lost packages must be dealt with through your chosen carrier.

All of our shipments include free shipping insurance up to $50.00 provided by the mail carrier of your choice. However, we do provide Additional Insurance provided by Mums and Kisses that will cover a lot more. If you need more insurance, there will be a place to purchase it on every order product’s page. For more information on what the insurance covers please see Shipping Policy Page.

Overnight, UPS or any other method of shipping does not qualify for our free shipping discounts or offers. 

Read our Shipping Policy Page BEFORE placing your order to make sure you understand both our shipping policies and insurance coverages.

For Shipped Orders, we will ship using our standard method unless you choose otherwise.

Shipping Times via UPS from our location. (These times are an estimate based on our years of shipping)

Mums and Kisses Shipping Understanding:

We here at Mums and Kisses know how important it is to get your order on time for your event. We do our VERY best to make sure that it is. But please know, we ship in time to allow for delivery however shipping carriers on slim occasions DO let us ALL down, you and us!

After the hours we’ve spent designing your order just for it not to make it on time. Yes, we get as upset as you. We have jumped through hoops, intercepted packages, drove over night to make sure the children get their orders, but we cannot guarantee anything, we are also at the mercy of the shipping carrier.

When Do WE Ship?

We ship BEFORE your need by date to help ensure that your order makes it to you BY your need by. We caution you NOT to put your need by date as the day BEFORE your event. this is cutting things TOO close and it chances that the carrier will let you down.


Also note that both Labor day and Columbus day WILL slow your packages for the entire week as the carrier catches up. Please note this when ordering! You are ordering at your own risk. We will ship ON TIME, but then the responsibility is then on the carrier even if over night shipping is chosen. Please order giving yourself enough time for ANY mishaps.

Thank you.