Homecoming Mum

Homecoming Mum

The Homecoming Mum has come a LONG way since it’s inception. What began as a simple flower, Homecoming Mums have almost morphed into this elaborate display of personal style. Although a tradition mostly done in Texas, it has bled over to other states and continues to grow through out the nation.

Before, the only place to get a Homecoming Mum was to make one yourself using items from expensive craft stores. Today, there are companies that actually make nothing BUT mums. Football has always been big in Texas but the Homecoming Mum is now almost as big as the football season itself. Back in the day, mums were actually called “football mums” or “football corsages“. Now they have a category all their own!

Homecoming Mum, What?!

Homecoming Mum

The Chrysanthemum Compliments of Wikipedia


YES! There is a real flower called a chrysanthemum but they’re no longer used in making Homecoming Mums. The early Homecoming Mum was only done by florists using the natural mum flower and a few ribbon streamers and were worn as a chest corsage. Like Prom, it was given to a date to wear to a homecoming game or homecoming dance. Before, only girls wore them. Eventually a male version called a Homecoming Garter was developed, again using the real flower and a garter to be worn on the male’s arm.

Today a silk flower is used and the homecoming mum is a very customized keepsake. They’ve grown 10x’s in size and are now a representation of both personal style and school spirit.


What’s a Normal Homecoming Mum Size?

This question is asked surprisingly a lot. The answer is really personal preference however most Mum Makers today start out with what they Homecoming Mumscall a “Single Homecoming Mum“.  The single is usually the most basic consisting of a single mum flower made of silk measuring between 4 and 7  inches wide.

In addition, the customization of the mum is what gets out of control and fun. Whether it be a funny mum, or straight up traditional, it’s all in the eyes of the beholder and the skill of it’s mum maker.

Sizes continue on from the Single Homecoming Mum to the Double Homecoming Mum and then Triple and on to Mega Mum respectively. Some like to keep in tradition and say the sizes go as follows:

Elementary – Middle School – Pee Wee Homecoming Mum

Freshman – Single Homecoming Mum

Sophomore – Double Homecoming Mum

Junior – Triple Homecoming Mum

Senior – Quad or Mega Homecoming Mum

College is the same as high school starting over with a single.

What Is This Customization You Speak Of?

Homecoming Mums

The Masquerade Mum by Mums and Kisses



Ah Yes! Custom Homecoming Mums are all the rage. Whether the recipient is into Volleyball, Football or Photography the customization are only limited to your imagination and the access of supplies. Trinkets are part of the customization. They are the little “charms” like on a bracelet, that hang from the flower or the ribbon strands itself to make the mum more… you! Expression of color, usually your school’s colors, a show of what activities you participate in at school or out. Again, the possibilities are endless. Working with a Custom Mum Maker is the key, they can usually nail your idea using their experience and your imagination.

Video of Homecoming Mums with Customization

Check Out This Collection of Custom Homecoming Mums. Amazing Designs!

How Do I Get A Homecoming Mum?

There’s 3 ways to get your very own mum. People choose their own method based on time, cost and design.

  1. They Order A Mum from a professional mum maker. Makers such as Mums and Kisses make beautiful designs that can be ordered either by the design or from scratch.
  2. They buy one from a craft shop. By far the most expensive method but some like to be able to go to a counter and order and come back later. Craft shops don’t usually use satin or luxury ribbon so in the end the purchaser gets floral acetate (paper) ribbon at a high price.
  3. They make their own.  If you’re craft and know where to get the supplies, some may attempt to make their own.

Lastly, we have created an Ordering Vs Making Your Own Article that may help you decide what’s best for you. The article breaks down each of the three methods by skill, time and cost to help you make an unbiased decision.

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