Mums and Kisses Shipping Policy

Our shipping policy is an extension of what is on our Delivery Page. This page includes both the Mail Carrier Insurance Information as well as the Additional Insurance (provided by Mums and Kisses) Information you may need.

By ordering from this website you agree to our shipping policy as well as our terms of service.

Note – There is NO Shipping Available on Labor Day or Columbus Day (both fall on Mondays). Please keep this in mind when ordering.

Normal Shipping Policy

  • For Shipped Orders, we will ship using the preferred method you indicated on the checkout page.. A shipping rate of $7.95 will apply for all orders that are placed in normal time. (Shipping costs may be subject to change with multiple orders or at our discretion.)
  • Please verify the shipping address on your order confirmation email. If the address is correct, do nothing. if it is incorrect please respond to the email promptly! An address correction will be your responsibility and Mums and Kisses will not be liable. Please take care!
  • You will receive a tracking number to the email address you provided once the item is ready to ship.
  • All packages are insured up to $50.00 If more insurance is desired you may purchase Additional Insurance provided by Mums and Kisses at the time you place your order.
  • Our standard shipping is 2-day USPS (US Mail) priority shipping however we do offer other shipping methods at check out.
  • We package your order so that it has limited movement during shipping.
  • Our packaging DOES include a care card, please read carefully BEFORE removing your order from it’s shipping container.
  • We do ship using straight pins, please use care when removing your order from it’s shipping container.
  • We can NOT guarantee that items might not shift or come removed during transit.

Tip: Once your package leaves our facility you will be provided with a tracking number, after this step your order is no longer in our area of responsibility. Any lost / damaged packages must be dealt with through your chosen carrier using the tracking number provided IF additional insurance was not purchased.

Free Shipping is sometimes offered but will only be for standard shipping is 2-day USPS priority shipping. Overnight, UPS or FedEx shipping does not qualify for our free shipping discounts or offers.

Please indicate your preferred shipping method at checkout.

Lost or Damaged Packages

Any lost / damaged packages must be dealt with through your chosen carrier using the tracking number provided. The carrier will give you $50.00 as all of our packages are insured up to $50.00 standard with the mail carriers at no additional cost to you. This insurance is free and covers up to $50.00 with each package we ship. You may file a claim with the mail carrier for damages. If you happened to purchase the Additional Insurance provided by Mums and Kisses then you have the choices stated below.

If Additional Insurance provided by Mums and Kisses was not purchased then we are not responsible for packages that you do not receive. Once the package leaves our facility it is the responsibility of the mail carrier you’ve chosen to see to it that you indeed receive your goods. UNLESS Additional Insurance is purchased during the original ordering process.

IMPORTANT: If your package is not received, however the mail carrier indicates via tracking number that the package HAS BEEN DELIVERED to the correct address, Mums and Kisses will NOT remake your item and over night it to you with out a full reorder.

Steps for Lost Packages. Please follow the following steps in this case.

  1. Track your package using the tracking number provided.
  2. Read the address carefully and compare it to the address on your confirmation email. As stated above, Mums and Kisses is not liable for incorrect addresses. We expect you to correct any errors during your order confirmation email.
  3. If the addresses match you will then need to contact your mail carrier to file a claim on the postal insurance. The postal insurance limit is $50.00 on all shipping unless you purchased more through Mums and Kisses.
  4. If the addresses match and you have purchased more shipping insurance through Mums and Kisses, call us at 817-518-9000. We will then give you the following choices. A. Issue you the additional insurance you purchased without replacement of the order*. B. Offer a remake of the order without issuing payment of the insurance money. (*Indicates more information below)

Steps on Damaged Packages

  1. If the package is damaged so severely that the purchased item(s) are also damaged then please first file the insurance claim with the mail carrier.
  2. Take photos of the damage for your records. As the mail carrier might request them.
  3. If you purchased additional insurance with Mums and Kisses please call us at 817-518-9000. We will request a form to be filled out as well as photos emailed to us. You will then have the following choices A. Issue you the additional insurance you purchased without replacement of the order*. B. Offer a remake of the order without issuing payment of the insurance money. (*Indicates more information below)

Shipping Insurance

Shipping insurance comes standard with every shipped order in the amount of $50.00 USD. This insurance is issued through the mail carrier. Additional Insurance may be purchased through Mums and Kisses. This insurance can be used towards a replacement order or towards the recovery of the original order in the case of the above. There are no refunds on insurance purchased on successfully received orders. Additional Insurance Covers the following:

  • Damaged product NOT the packaging up to the amount of the purchased amount.
  • Lost packages due to the mail carrier.
  • Natural Disasters that prevent your order from reaching you including at our facility and in shipping.
  • Remake of the order if this option is chosen.
  • Insurance money reimbursement up to the amount of insurance purchased during the original order. If you choose the insurance payout, funds will be given to you using the method in which you paid for your order. ie; paypal credit card etc.

Additional Insurance Redeeming (Insurance purchased through Mums and Kisses)

Additional Insurance that is purchased through Mums and Kisses is only redeemable via the following methods.

  • Lost / damaged product.
  • Product that is not received (verified via tracking number)
  • Redeemable only upon request only This is not automated. Request are to be made via phone by calling 817-518-9000 and are redeemable at our desecration.
  • Redeemable via two choices – 1. Remake of original order, 2. Insurance Money Paid.

Choice of Order Remake – If you choose the option to have your order remade, the remake will be of the original order only.  There can be no changes to the order, and no refunds or “the difference” given etc.

Additional Insurance Money Payout – If this method is chosen, then the amount of the mum will be paid back to you via the method you used to pay the original order with. ie. paypal, debit card etc. The amount paid back to you will be the cost of the product only! This means the original total, with the exclusion of shipping ($7.95), sales tax (6.25% of the order total), additional insurance fee, and excludes the mail carrier insurance coverage of $50.00 (this money $50.00 is claimed through the mail carrier and is NOT apart of the Additional Insurance Money Payout Method). Insurance Money Payouts are done with in 5-7 days after the approval from Mums and Kisses.

 Example of Insurance Money Payout.  

Original Total Paid was $147.67  – includes Additional Insurance

Minus $9.22 Sales Tax

Minus $4.95 Additional Insurance Fee

Minus $8.01 Shipping.

Minus $50.00 Mail Carrier Insurance will pay you this.

So your Insurance Pay Out Total would be, $75.61


Last Updated on May 6 2017

*Shipping Policy is subject to change at anytime.






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