Meet Shannon Hart Gonzalez

Shannon Hart Gonzalez

Written in collaboration by those that know her best.

Shannon Hart Gonzalez is the Owner and Founder of Mums and Kisses. What started out as a small at home business has blossomed into a multilevel LLC. 

Shannon has a background in animal behavioral training and website design. She got into homecoming mums in 2005 and opened Mums and Kisses in 2016. She then launched a second mum company online and opened the Mums and Kisses physical location in 2018. She along with her husband now own the online and retail locations of Mums and Kisses and other mum entities.  In 2021 Mums and Kisses served more schools than any other mum company, serving over 412 schools in one season.

Mums and Kisses now makes thousands of Homecoming mums and garters. Having been featured on NBC Online, PBS KERA Radio, The Dallas Voyage Magazine. ShoutOut Magazine and other publications, Shannon remains humble and blessed to have achieved all this all while battling Breast Cancer. In 2021, Shannon fought and won her breast cancer battle after being diagnosed at age 42. Completing 16 rounds of Chemo, 20 Rounds of Radiations and 3 surgeries all with in 10 months and over their highest grossing mum season ever, Shannon is a true warrior. Her strength and resilience makes her such an admirable leader.

In the off season Shannon works on the Mums and Kisses website, the accounting and preps for the next season all year round. She enjoys reading, traveling when she can and spending time with her family.