Interview with Hays Freepress

Today we get the privilege to be interviewed by The Hays Freepress. from Kyle Texas STR: I’m here with Shannon Hart Gonzalez the owner and Founder of Mums and Kisses Homecoming Mums thank you for meeting with me today. MK: Thank you for having me. STR: I have just a couple of questions for you. 1st, how did you get into making mums? MK: We have been making mums since about 2004-2005 at home for our kids and their pee wee football teams. We made so many we thought we should make it into a business and 10 years later thats what we did! STR Thats amazing! How long did it take for Mums and Kisses to get off the ground? MK Not long really, we fell into NBC News by accident our first season. During that first season a boy next door type was taking a girl that was home schooled to his schools homecoming. His mom didn’t want to tell me the full name of the girl, it turns out she was an actress in the movie Secretariat. After that we got to make the mums for the ranch that actually owns the horse Secretariat, and there we went! STR Wow that must have been awesome! MK It was and every year we end up doing something special, they’ll call us up from the Dallas cowboys or from Disney one year, another year it was a TV News anchor that never got a mum, another year it was Roylls Royce! STR Oh my goodness. MK I know we are humbled and floored every year. STR I’ll bet. What’s the best advise you can give a new professional in the industry? MK I think it’s to work on all aspects of your business. A mum business isn’t all about the mums, or all about a snazzy social media, it’s about it ALL. STR That’s very true. We got your name from a business owner here in Kyle and I wanted to know, how do people hear about you? MK At first it was word of mouth, then it was Tv and radio, sometimes it’s a friend of a friend. Now 40% of our customers are repeat from the past. STR: How do you keep the customers coming back? MK: I have a team, it’s not just me now. We take good records of what we sold each customer in the past. It doesn’t matter if we sold 500 mums this season or 1000 we take photos of each one, so that next year we can remember what we made and mak sure it’s above and beyond the last one we sold them. STR That’s amazing! One more question for you. Where do you see Mums and Kisses at in 5 years. MK Growing strong and keeping the tradition alive. STR For sure! Thank you Shannon so much for sharing your expertise with us!

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