Homecoming Mums for Special Needs

special needs homecoming mums

Homecoming Mums for Special Needs

Making Homecoming Mums for Special Needs classes is one of our favorite parts of Mum Season! We’ve been making special needs mums for years! There are a few things that make our special needs mums special.

  • We customize them to the student’s need. Meaning if they’re in a wheelchair we custom make them so that the mum will be short enough not to get into the spokes, as well as carefully place things like trinkets and braids in a way that they don’t get into the wearer’s way. 

Homecoming Mums for Special Needs Classes

FREE? WHAT!? Yes we do! Every single year we’ve made special needs class mums for free. 


What’s the catch? No catch, no it’s not a fundraiser, no we won’t ask for money, no we don’t need a donation. And  YES we have referrals if you should need them.. 

If you would like or team to make your special needs class mums, please fill out the form below or call us!


(Please note: we make our special needs class mums from November through August. We can not make them in September or October, as we are filling mum orders. We apologize, we just don’t have enough arms.)

If you are a teacher of a special needs class call us at 817-518-9000 or fill out the form below. We hope to make your special needs class mums for you!


Please note, that sometimes ISD email filters won’t allow us to email, please add us to your whitelist.






2 thoughts on “Homecoming Mums for Special Needs

  1. Isabel P. Leander says:

    Hello. I see that y’all make free mums for special needs. I have a son Enrique (Kike) Leander with Down Syndrome. He is 6 years old, in 1st grade, and goes to Harrel Elementary in Kingsville Tx. Homecoming for the Brahmas (Black/Gold) is in October and was wondering if you would consider making him a garter. That would be AWESOME!

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