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Are People Still Buying Homecoming Mums?

To buy a homecoming mum or not, that is the question. In 2020 during a pandemic and school closures and online school, are people still buying homecoming mums? The short answer is, YES they are. At least from us, and some other mum makers we know, they are. Why? We think it’s to keep up the tradition, to be normal, to have that senior mum they’ve been waiting for. Or to make their own this year.

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Mums For Sale Near Me Homecoming Mums

Mums and Kisses products have been featured in magazines, the wives of the Dallas Cowboys have used them for baby showers and we have made mums for celebrities like Audrey Scott of the Movie Secretariat! Now we are expanding and our products are in 3 locations and 2 different websites. We would like to offer our best selling products to be featured in your location as well.