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Homecoming Mums – What’s Hot

Homecoming Mums – What’s Hot is the place we let you know about our New Releases! For Homecoming Mums 2017 we have over 10 new products for you! We’re so excited about them we can hardly stand it!

See What’s Hot – We’ve got:

The Masquerade Mum

Homecoming Mums

One of News Headliners! The Masquerade Mum was featured on NBC News Online! The drama students adore this one!




The Besties Bling- Bling

Best Friend Homecoming MumsTwin Homecoming Mums for you and your BFF. This is part of our Bling-Bling Mum Collection. Tons of Bling,  and available in any color you like!




 Build Your Own Bling-Bling

Build Your Own Bling Bling Mum Customers can now “design your own mums” two ways.

1- Build Your Own Mum (BYO) Mum our normal mum in many sizes

2- Build Your Own Bling-Bling Mum,our special mum with all the choices to bling out your mum.

And So Much More!

In our New Releases in the Homecoming 2017 Mums Gallery!

Are People Still Buying Homecoming Mums?

To buy a homecoming mum or not, that is the question. In 2020 during a pandemic and school closures and online school, are people still buying homecoming mums? The short answer is, YES they are. At least from us, and some other mum makers we know, they are. Why? We think it’s to keep up the tradition, to be normal, to have that senior mum they’ve been waiting for. Or to make their own this year.