Where’s My Mum?

Where’s My Mum?

If you loved your mum but thought we were a bit slow on the delivery, you might be right!

The 2017 season was a wild one! We made more mums than we ever thought possible. There were so many were wondering if we were going to make it on time. WE DID! Thank goodness all mums were delivered in time for each Homecoming and some were just in the nick of time. But some mums were cutting it WAY too close. We understand. and


The phone rang off the hook last year, we had to install another line to keep up! Most callers wanted to know the big question:


We got you! This year we have implemented in 4 new elements to make your experience with Mums and Kisses a LOT smoother. If you loved your mum but thought we were a bit slow on the delivery, you might be right! Here’s what we’ve put into place this year to get you your orders a LOT faster:

Estimated Arrival Date!

Last Year’s Issue: With the explosion of orders we received last year, we were forced to go off of the homecoming date instead of the dates we received the order. Orders were constantly getting bumped back because of last minute ordering and rush and urgent orders.

What’s Changed: This year our website shows you each products estimated arrival date and will not allow orders to be accepted that would more than we can handle. We’ve also tripled our inventory to make sure we have the items in advance to make your order even faster. We’ve been working since last season to make extra braids, ribbons, flowers etc to have them more in advance for you. We’re ready for more than triple the orders of last year! Bring ’em on!


Last Year:  Many calls were made to us, we’re talking hundreds per day, looking for a tracking number. We emailed each customer a tracking number last year when the order had shipped. However many received it on the “order completed” email and not a “Your item has been shipped” email.

What’s Changed: This year We have partnered up with a tracking service that will literally pinpoint to you where your item is every step of the way. Now you can check your order status on our website AND get an email. Currently we’re working on getting the system to text you too! This way you’ll know exactly when your order will be received! 

Free Shipping Option

Last Year: Midseason we were forced to change our policy on free shipping and raise up the price to $150 in order to receive free shipping. We also went strictly to UPS for all shipping.

What’s Changed: We’ve put our original policy back into place. Meaning that our Free Shipping is back to $100 in order to receive free shipping. UPS is now an additional option, they made us pay more, making you pay more and we’re not cool with that. We negotiated better deals and will continue to ship using USPS as our free shipping courier and UPS as an option at your choice. We are adding that the USPS has said Priority has gone from 2 days to 2-3 days. If you live in Midland, TX it will be 3 days regardless of over night shipping in most cases. This is the carrier’s policy unfortunately. Heads UP!

My Account Status – Track!

Last Year: We know you were at the mercy of our tracking number email.

What’s Changed: You can stalk your mum on our website by logging in to your account and going to the order status. You’ll be able to open the page and see your item on the map, without having to go to the carrier’s website. You’ll also see it’s status in our facility as well and when it’s estimated to arrive.

We hope all this will help our customers enjoy the experience more, worry less and still be able to get the mums they love. We truly are here to help in any way we can. We’ve pioneered the way, we’ve changed the way homecoming mums are ordered online. We hope you understand the growing pains that being a pioneer in the industry comes with. You’ve been apart of that journey for us and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We look forward to serving you this year FASTER and better than ever!

-From all of us at Mums and Kisses!






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