We Doubled Our Homecoming Mum Store!

we doubled our homecoming mum store
We Doubled Our Store!

In 2022 the Mums and Kisses retail store more than DOUBLED in size! We added over 2000sqft to our location! We now have a larger store, huge workshop and shipping shower!

A little history, Back in 2017 we were making mums out of the owner’s dining room. The shipping area was the dining room table, and 2 folding tables made up the workshop.

By 2018 we built a store with a small workshop with a shower curtain that covered the walkway into what we named “the shipping shower”. It was so small we could barely turn around, the shipping shower somehow managed to ship over 600 mums out of it that season alone.

Fast forward to 2021 and the customer lines were out the door day after day and with only one cash register and supplies were selling out every other day, our poor little shop couldn’t handle anymore. When we would pass each other, rushing from customer to workshop and back we would say “we gotta get a bigger store, man”. The customers said the same thing after standing in line, commenting “you’re almost sold out of everything.”. We know! We had hired 5 more employees and it still wasn’t enough.

After the 2021 season was over our team sat down to discuss the season. “We Need a Bigger Everything!” is what was said many times. So we got to work. We bought out other mum shops and gained more supplies then we found 16 new suppliers, we had the contractors come out and talked for weeks about how to make the store bigger. After drawing the floor plans a hundred times we finally got started. By March 2022 our plans will be completed and we will begin filling the store to the top of the 18 foot ceilings.

The workshop is 5 times larger allowing us to prepare more things, make new things and upgrade our technology to function faster and better. The shipping shower has now become an entire department complete with barcoding systems. But we’ll probably always call it the shipping shower.

We hope you have a chance to come by and see our store and find something you like. Mums and Kisses retail location offers unique homecoming mum supplies, at better prices than the box store. We’re now the largest supplier of homecoming mum supplies to the Mum Factory Outlet, who now sells to Walmart! We’re super excited for the seasons to come, and we want to thank Our Heavenly Father for the many blessings he has bestowed upon us this year, and all while the owner of Mums and Kisses, Shannon fought and won her Breast Cancer battle. Thank you Lord!

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