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Mums by Mums and Kisses

Mums and Kisses Is Proud to present: New Mums – Baby Mums – Funeral Mums – Class Reunion Mums. New for 2017!

The phone has been ringing off the hook! Ever since homecoming ended our customers want more mums! All the girls that grew up with high school mums are now Mommies -To-Be! We’re so excited to finally say YES we make baby mums too. Wear them at your baby shower, hang them on the hospital door at your babies birth then take it home and it makes a gorgeous nursery ornament! What better way to commemorate your babies birth?

We have also been asked for Funeral and Class Reunion Mums. We are honored to be releasing our new lines and know that you’re trusting us to make keepsakes of your lives. A Funeral Mum is a silk arrangement that is taken to the funeral home and displayed. Custom made, it is the story of the life of your loved one. After the funeral it is a keep sake to remember your dearly departed.

Class Reunion Mums are fun! They give you a chance to wear the mums of today as you celebrate yesterday. Many that order the class mum do so either to wear or as a display piece at your reunion listing the names of all your classmates, then donated to your school for their display case. Current students can see that they too will one day graduate and be an alumni. What an inspiration you can be for the graduating classes of today.

Unlike homecoming mums, these specialty mums are created with your specific needs in mind. Whether it’s a surprise baby shower mum with the Mommy to be’s name on it, money ribbon and games. Or a Funeral Mum celebrating a life. Or the Class Reunion Mum that is a perfect ice breaker for reunion conversation, we allow you to order new things like photo frames imbedded in the mums, money ribbons to pin on money to the mommy to be, and class themed mums all on our order pages.

How to Order

Baby Mums, Funeral Mums and Class Reunion Mums are ordered on the Specialty Mum page.  You can order online, have it shipped free using our 2 day shipping. You may also order by phone by calling us at 817-518-9000.

Thank you for choosing Mums and Kisses, we’re honored to be chosen by you!



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