Which Homecoming Mum To Buy This Fall

Which Homecoming Mum To Buy This Fall?

It’s Homecoming time and you Don’t Know Which Homecoming Mum To Buy This Fall? You’re not alone. Many don’t even know what a Homecoming Mum even is. If you’re one of those, then see our article on What is a homecoming mum.  

For Everyone Else

The tradition goes.. single homecoming mum for freshman, double homecoming mum for sophomore, triple homecoming mum for Juniors, and Quad Homecoming Mums for Seniors. Now to be honest, in our experience, most do not live by this rule. Neither do they live by the gold or silver only for seniors. Now a days customers are buying simply what they like and were cool with that. Some mum makers will tell you when you order that if you get the quad as a freshmen there’s “no where to go from there”. Simply not true. You don’t HAVE to grow as you move up in grade. A quad may be big but it’s still no massive mega mum.

Buck tradition?

Should you buck the tradition? That’s entirely up to you, the customer. We as mum makers will do what you ask us too and promise not to judge you either. We’d be happy whether you stick to tradition or not. It’s your mum, wear what you like.

Sill Don’t Know Which Homecoming Mum To Buy This Fall?

First think about colors, and ask yourself, do you want to stick with the colors of you school, or buck it? Next, do you want to really show your personality or blend in? Last, what’s your budget? You know the bigger it is the more it will probably cost.  Starting with these three questions will help you decide when you don’t know which homecoming mum to buy this fall.

In the end, the decision is up to you. We hope you have an awesome Homecoming Season regardless of which mum you choose!

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