Homecoming Mums Support Local-National Charities

Homecoming Mums for Charity


Homecoming Mums Support Local – National Charities

Homecoming Mums Support Local-National Charities – This season Mums and Kisses will be supporting the following local and national charities. Your Homecoming Mum or Garter purchase with Mums and Kisses will allow your child to not only show their school spirit but give to a worthy cause.

The Aaron Singleton Scholarship Fund,
The Alzheimer’s Association,
and Breast Cancer via the American Cancer Society.

Ribbons or bells will be added to your homecoming mums and Mums and Kisses will match your donation to all 3 of these charities while supplies last. These options will appear on each product page all season long beginning August 1st.

Homecoming Mums for Charity - Homecoming Mums Support Local-National CharitiesThese features are optional but we do hope you’ll help us support these worthy causes. Some students feel that they should donate their mum money to charity but here, you can do both. The charities chosen are close to the Mums and Kisses Family’s heart.

Alz.org is a special one to us as it memorializes the father of Mums and Kisses owner, Shannon Gonzalez. Whose father passed away at the age of only 65 having had an Alzheimer’s diagnosis at the early age of 59. September is national Alzheimer Awareness Month.

The Aaron Singleton Scholarship Fund is a local charity in honor of Aaron Singleton, #33 of Joshua High School who passed shortly after a football game in Nov 2016. The students of Joshua and the Singleton Family want to keep his memory alive. Our home school is Joshua High and Mums and Kisses will continue it’s full support of their endeavors as our children attend Joshua as well.

The Breast Cancer Awareness via the American Cancer Society is in October and what better way to honor the survivors and pay tribute than to add this wonderful charity to our mums. We have Breast Cancer survivors in the Mums and Kisses Family and we’d like to honor them as well all season long.

Make Your Homecoming Mums Support Local-National Charities

The donations on each product page begin on August 1st. They are $4. Mums and Kisses will match the donations while our supplies last. Look for these images at the end of each order area. When ordering by phone we will ask if you’d like to add these items to your purchase. All additions are while supplies last.


Aaron Singleton Memorial Ribbon for your Homecoming MumHomecoming Mum ribbon supporting the Alzheimer's association.Homecoming Mum Cowbells supporting breast cancer awareness

Mums and Kisses is a transparent company. We are registered or have special permission from the charities we support. We provide each with a page on our website to check their donations as they come in. Ensuring your donations go to who we say that they will. This is very important to us and our integrity. Mums and Kisses is a for profit company. These items have been purchased by Mums and Kisses at no cost to their respective charities or to our customers, and we will also be matching the donations as well they bring as well. Some of these items are custom made and designed for their charities and have been approved  / selected by the charities themselves with full permission to Mums and Kisses. Please rest assured when donating. All links and logos are the property of their respective entities.

We thank you on behalf of these causes for your donations.

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Homecoming Mums Support Local-National Charities



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