Homecoming Mums Raise Money For The Aaron Singleton Scholarship Fund

Homecoming Mums Raise Money

Homecoming Mums Raise Money For The Aaron Singleton Scholarship Fund with the help of a local mum maker called Mums and Kisses. The Aaron Singleton Scholarship Fund was set up by the Singleton Family to honor the memory of Joshua High School Student, Aaron Singleton who died in November of last year after not feeling well during a football game. As reported by, ABC News,  the Dallas News and other News networks.

Mums and Kisses has offered to put memorial ribbons into their homecoming mums offering it for any student regardless of their school. The ribbons are custom made and will be donated to raise money for the Scholarship Fund. All ribbons are offered on any mum sold for $4.00. The company has also offered to match each ribbon donation with all proceeds  benefiting the Aaron Singleton Scholarship Fund.

Aaron Singleton Memorial Ribbon for Homecoming Mums

Shannon Hart Gonzalez, the owner of Mums and Kisses said, “We hope that by adding something as simple as a ribbon into a homecoming mum, that it would be a  comfort to both the Singleton family, and the students who wear them, and who knew Aaron. We want to see the Aaron Singleton Scholarship Fund grow and become a tribute to  Aaron’s memory.”

Homecoming MumsThe ribbon is an addition to the Alzheimer Association Ribbon and the Breast Cancer Awareness ribbon that are already offered by the company. “We love what we do, and we get the opportunity to give back to other organizations at the same time, it’s a win, win. Not just for us, but for our customers as well.”

Homecoming Mum season falls in September and October, consequently, September is National Breast Cancer Awareness month, and October is Alzheimer’s Awareness month. When asked why these charities, Ms. Gonzalez answered, “Mum season falls at the best time for both these charities, but that’s not the real reason we do it. My father passed away from Alzheimer’s in 2015 at the age of only 65. There is a very close tie for me to support the ALZ.org. And Breast Cancer was one that a 14 year old student brought to me as a request. Her mother had passed from breast cancer and all she wanted was a homecoming mum to honor her mom. I knew we had to support them as well. The Aaron Singleton Scholarship Fund was a request from my own son. A junior at Joshua High School, he knew Aaron and had run track with him for years. He wanted to contribute somehow and we knew we had to find a way.”

The Aaron Singleton Scholarship Fund was started this year and is ran by Aaron’s mother, and is looking for businesses and individuals to help support it.

Themed Homecoming MumsThere was several schools affected by Aaron’s sudden death. Making the ribbons available for the homecoming mums made for not only the Joshua High School Homecoming Mums, but also Burleson High School Homecoming Mums, as well as Cleburne High School Homecoming Mums and all schools across the country.


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